How to create a rule


Rules save you time by automating repetitive processes. More information about understanding team and individual rules can be found in the Understanding rules article. 

For more examples of popular rules and how to set them up, visit our Rules Directory

Most rule conditions are available on the Starter and Plus plans, with a few Advanced conditions on the Pro plan. For a full list of rule conditions, see the Guide to rule conditions.


Step 1

Determine whether you need to create an individual rule or a team rule. Individual rules will apply to private conversations in your individual inbox. Team rules will apply to shared conversations in team inboxes.

Step 2

Go into your Settings and select My rules for individual rules, or Rules for team rules. Let's create a team rule for this example. 

Step 3

Click Add a team rule.

Step 4

Give your rule a name.

Step 5

In this example, we are setting up an auto-reply to be sent after we receive a support inquiry. 

This rule is stating that any inbound message into the Tier 1 inbox will be replied with the canned response Out of office reply only once.


Step 6

Once your rule is complete, click Save.

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