How to sort messages within the inbox

Front allows you to sort your inboxes in three ways. Use the filter icon at the top of the messages list to sort your inbox by newest, oldest, or oldest unreplied.

  • Newest: as you receive new inbound emails, they will be sorted above the emails you already have. The more recent you received an email, the higher in your list it will be.
  • Oldest: as you receive new inbound emails, they will be sorted below the emails you already have. The longer ago you received an email, the higher in your list it will be.
  • Oldest unreplied: as you receive new inbound emails, they will be sorted below emails you already have but haven't replied to. Messages that have been waiting the longest for a reply will stay at the top of your list.

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  • How do I filter to messages that have a customer reply last, and no reply from us yet?

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  • Brian Graham Hi! You can use the is:unread filter to see conversations that are unread, but there's no way to filter by unreplied.

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  • Hi Cory, can you please add my vote to add an "unreplied" filter? If we had looked at a customer email, and then added a "delay" to look at it again, at a certain point it becomes very hard to tell which things in the inbox still need a response and which are just timed items coming back.

    Also: is "unread" unread by us or by customer, or both? 

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  • Brian Graham No problem! Happy to share this request with our product team.

    Unread means unread by you.

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  • Hi - I use Front to send both automated and manual sms messages to customers through Twillio.

    I want a way to filter just the replies I have received from customers. Is there a way to do this?

    I was using the 'unreplied' filter but found that if one of my automated messages was sent to the customer after they had sent me a message, then the customers message reply will not come up with the 'unreplied' filter (as the filter sees the automated message as a reply) and so I am missing replying to customers questions.

    Can you help?

    Is there rule I could set up to put all customer replies in to a separate inbox?

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  • Feature request... or maybe just need a suggestion of how to achieve this... could we have a search parameter for messages that were never replied to?

    The reason being when I search "unreplied" and it includes conversations that we actually did reply to and close previously, but we archive it if the conversation doesn't require us to respond again. The most recent state is obviously unreplied, but the ticket itself has been touched already. 

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  • Allie Huang We have this feature request in our backlog. I went ahead and added a +1 for you to that request. We will let you know as soon as we make this improvement to Front!

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  • Another feature "request" I really actually miss being able to toggle between "All" and "Open" in personal folders. e.g. Shared with me and Assigned to me. I sometimes close a conversation (accidentally) and want to get back to something that I was mentioned in.... but then feel like I really clumsy trying to fish it back up among all the other messages that could have happened between archiving and needing to go back to it. 

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  • Allie Huang Noted! Thank you! 

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  • I do not have the option shown in the second window for filtering.  What I really want is to see which messages are marked as unread so I can start my Front Journey without 139 messages in my inbox

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  • allison Hi Allison, it sounds like you might benefit from a mass archive that we can run for you so you can start at inbox zero. If you need that, please email the request to and we'll gladly run it!

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