Adding Gmail / Google Groups: What To Expect


Front lets you easily connect your Gmail and Google Group accounts so you can manage all of your email communications within Front. No longer worry about teammates sharing logins to the same inbox, or feeling overwhelmed by an endless stream of emails sent to your distribution group. Front makes it simple for everyone to participate in conversations when they need to, and de-prioritize the ones that aren’t relevant to them. There are two different ways you can connect your inbox, either through Gmail’s API or through automated email forwarding. 

G Suite / Gmail

If you’re adding a Gmail account to Front, we recommend connecting with Gmail's API. This will create a two-way sync between your Gmail inbox and your Front inbox. 

Once you're connected, here's what to expect:

  • Labels/Folders in Gmail are now Tags in Front
  • Emails sent from Front will appear in your Gmail Sent folder (note: if ‘Seen’ tracking is enabled, you may see more than one of the same message in your Gmail Sent folder)
  • Clicking “Send & Archive” in Front will also archive the message in Gmail
  • Moving a message from its original inbox to a different inbox in Front will not be reflected in Gmail – the status of the message (i.e. 'Archive'); however, will remain the same.
  • The last 100,000 emails and their activity will be imported into your Front account (once you have a paid account, we can sync all of your email history). 

To avoid any hiccups, we recommend you exclusively use Front to read and respond to your emails — not Gmail. Since we rely on Gmail’s API, simple actions (i.e. clicking around) in Gmail can reopen or archive conversations in Front.

This Activation Guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to properly connect your Gmail account to Front. 

Google Group / Email Forwarding

It’s no secret that Google Groups is broken. Even though it's a great way to circulate information, it's not the best way to keep that information organized. As a company grows, and more people get involved in your conversations, it starts becoming extremely difficult for teams to manage all of those conversations.

If you’re adding a Google Group account, you’ll have to connect using email forwarding. Front will provide you with a unique address so you can forward messages received in Gmail over to Front automatically. In order to do this, you’ll need admin rights to your G Suite account so that you have the ability to make changes to your Google distribution groups. You can also opt to connect your Gmail account with email forwarding; however, it’s a one-way sync — so your actions in Front won’t affect your messages in Gmail. 

Below, you can see how Front solves this issue and fits nicely into your existing workflow:




This Activation Guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to properly connect your Google Group accounts to Front.

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