Assigned conversations (in Team performance report)

Term: Assigned conversations (Team performance report)
Meaning Count of conversations assigned to a teammate at any point during the time period of the report.

Team performance report



Computed per teammate by counting distinct segments where the teammate was the assignee at least once.

The All teammates line will count conversations on which any teammate was the assignee.


There are 3 conversations in the Support Inbox: A, B, & C.

  • Jane commented on A and is the assignee for C until Charlie takes over.
  • John replied to the customer on A.
  • Charlie archived B and was assigned C (after Jane).

The final results will be:


Assigned conversation

All teammates

1 (C)


1 (C)



1 (C)


A single conversation can be assigned to several teammates over the course of its life, so it can be counted for several teammates for a given report.


How to reconstruct this metric with a Full event export


For a given teammate, filter rows to keep all lines with 


assignee = teammate name.


Conversation touched will then be the distinct count of Conversation API ID x segment.

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