Muting and subscribing


Muting a conversation means you want to silence activity on the conversation until you are @mentioned again. Only @mentions will unarchive the conversation for you.

Muting in Front works similarly to the way that muting operates in traditional email clients today, where you can turn off notifications from new activities or messages.


Mute conversations if you want to:

  • Silence activity on a conversation other than @mentions
  • Maintain access to a conversation without receiving notifications on the conversation

When you mute a conversation:

  • New comments will not unarchive the conversation in your inbox
  • New inbound or outbound messages will not unarchive the conversation in your inbox


  • If you mute a conversation, you will still have access to it without seeing new activity or receiving notifications on it
  • If you are the assignee, you cannot mute — you need to unassign or reassign
  • If you unassign or reassign a conversation, you will mute it
  • Others cannot mute a conversation for you
  • Being @mentioned will unarchive the conversation for you, but not subscribe you


You will subscribe to a conversation if you:

  • Are sent a conversation directly to your private email
  • Reply to a conversation when your settings are set to auto-subscribe on reply 
  • Have been @mentioned on a conversation and you reply back in comments or if you comment on the conversation when your settings are set to auto-subscribe on comment
  • @mention a teammate on the conversation (commenting)
  • Click the subscribe bell, and continue to subscribe without muting

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