Working with light users

๐Ÿ“ฃ Light users have been deprecated as a feature for new users of Front. If you previously had purchased light users, you will still have them in your account.


Light users are a new, lower-cost license you can add to your plan. Light users can manage their own email in Front and collaborate with your team when invited to any conversation, but otherwise don't have access to your team inboxes.

Who are light user licenses for?

A light user is a limited, lower price license for people outside your core Front team โ€” like a recruiter, inventory manager, or engineer you want to loop into conversations to ask for help, but who don't need to manage a team inbox.

  • If you're a Customer Success or Client Services team:
    Consider bringing on engineers, product managers or marketers to ask for help with bugs, give context to product requests, or share feedback from your customers.
  • If you're an Operations team:
    Consider bringing on your fulfillment and finance teams as light users to ask about order status, quickly turn around changes, or take over billing conversations.
  • Bring on executives:
    Sometimes conversations need to be escalated internally. Invite executives to your Front account as a light user to quickly escalate urgent requests internally.
  • Bring on individual inbox users:
    Teammates that primarily work out of their individual inbox are perfect candidates for light users. They can be added to Front for a fraction of the cost and still take advantage of all the collaborative components. 

What can a light user do?

As a light user, you can:

  • Connect your individual inbox to manage your own work email in Front and @mention or assign conversations to teammates
  • Be @mentioned on, invited to, assigned, or comment on any conversation from any team inbox or another teammate's individual inbox
  • Reply to any email conversation using their individual email address
  • Use Front's native contact manager and calendar, any enabled integrations, and set up individual rules, canned responses, and tags
  • Move any team conversation they have to another team inbox**
  • Access their individual analytics and be tracked in team analytics (on team conversations they participate in)*
  • Send sequences using their individual email address*

As a light user, you cannot:

  • Be an admin
  • Access or manage team inboxes or settings 
  • Access or manage team analytics or sequences
  • Delegate your individual inbox to other teammates and vice versa
  • Be targeted by team rules, like an "auto-assign to X" rule
  • Reply to conversations using a team inbox channel, like your support@ email address or a team SMS number
  • Pin a team tag to your workspace or use team resources like canned responses and tags
  • Be listed in Assigned conversations
  • Access the Team's list of Contacts

* Depends on the base plan your company is on
** Requires you to have the company preference 'Allow conversations to be moved to all inboxes" enabled

How can I add a light user?

Add new light users

You must be an admin to add new light users to your account. You can purchase light user licenses in your in-app billing settings

You can also invite a new user as a light user by updating the license type to Light when you create their account:

Switch an existing teammate to a light user

Step 1

Go to your billing settings and add at least one new light user license. You must be an admin to make these changes to your plan.

Step 2

Assign the new light license(s) to your chosen teammate(s) by switching their user type to Light.

Step 3

Remove your unused full licenses from your account. You will be charged for these extra licenses on your next bill unless you remove them in billing. 

Frequently asked questions

When I switch someone to a light user license, what happens to all the team inbox conversations assigned to them and any team tags on their private conversations?

Conversations that are assigned to a full teammate will be unassigned when they are transitioned to a light user. You can reassign those conversations to the light user whenever you want. Likewise, light users will lose access to all team resources, including team tags, so any team tags they added to their private conversations will be removed. Note that if you ever return the light user back to a full user, the team tags will not be re-added automatically; you will need to manually re-add the team tags.

What base plan do I need in order to add light users?

Light users can be added to the Plus and Prime plans.

Can light users use integrations like Asana, JIRA, or Salesforce?

Yes. As long as integrations are available on your base plan and enabled on your account, both your team users and light users will be able to use them.

Can I manage the permissions of my light user through a custom role (available on Enterprise)?

Light users cannot be added to a Team. Therefore, they cannot have a custom role applied to them.

Can a light user reply to a team conversation?

Light users can be assigned team conversations and can reply using their individual email address. This means, however, they are unable to reply to non-email type conversations like live chat, SMS, and Facebook.

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