Average Reaction (Team performance report & Team tab)

Term: Average Reaction

Time it takes for a teammate to assign/reassign an inbound message to another teammate (not to self), send a reply, or archive. 


Team performance report

Team Tab

(Note: This term is not displayed on the table by default. Click the 3 dots on the top right of the table to select to view it.)

Calculation Calculated using total reaction time of the teammate's conversations and dividing by the total number of reactions in these conversations.

An inbound arrives at 10:00 AM, Charlie comments on it it at 10:05 AM, Jane archives it at 11:00 AM. Average reaction time will be 10 min and attributed to Jane.

  • Follows business hours and shifts
  • There is no reaction time for new outbound messages because you are not reacting to an inbound message.
  • The analytics track each teammate who replies in a conversation, regardless of the official assignee of the conversation. If a conversation is assigned to Mary, but Sophia responds because she is unavailable, Sophia will get a reaction and a response time.

How to reconstruct this metric with a Full event export

For a given teammate, filter rows to keep all lines with 

Attributed to = teammate name 

AND Reaction time is not empty.


Sum all Reaction time for those lines and divide it by the distinct count of Activity ID.

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