Replies sent (Team performance report, Inbox report)

Term: Replies sent (Team performance report)
Meaning Count of all replies sent by a teammate.

Inbox report

Team performance report

(Note: This term is not displayed on the table by default. Click the 3 dots on the top right of the table to select to view Replies sent.)

Calculation Computed by counting all out reply messages sent by a teammate (outbounds that are responding to an inbound message), excluding auto-replies.
Example Charlie starts a new conversation A sending an outbound message and replies to an inbound message in another conversation B. Replies sent would be 1 in that case: only the message sent in conversation B is a reply.

How to reconstruct this metric with a Full event export


For a given teammate, filter rows to keep all lines with 

Attributed to = teammate name 

AND type = out_reply.


Messages sent will be the distinct count of Message API ID.

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