New conversations touched (Team performance report - table)

Term: New conversations touched (Team performance report - table)
Meaning Count of conversations that started on the time period being looked at on which a teammate has completed one of the following: assigned the conversation, unassigned the conversation, archived the conversation, sent an outbound message, was the assignee of the conversation, or commented on the conversation.

Team performance report

(Note: This term is not displayed on the table by default. Click the 3 dots on the top right of the table to select it to view.)


Computed per teammate by counting distinct segments with at least one event with New conversation = 1  and where at least one of the following is true:

  • Teammate assigned the conversation to someone (including themselves)
  • Teammate unassigned the conversation,
  • Teammate archived the conversation,
  • Teammate sent an outbound message
  • Teammate was the assignee
  • Teammate commented on the conversation

On top of this, the All teammates line will also count conversations on which no teammate took one of the above actions. This covers unassigned conversations on which no manual action was taken.


There are 3 conversations in the Support Inbox: A, B, & C. Conversation B is the only one with a New conversation = 1 event on the time period of the report.

  • Jane commented on A and is the assignee for C.
  • John replied to the customer on A.
  • Charlie archived B.

The final results will be:


New conversations touched

All teammates

1 (B)




1 (B)


For a given teammate, filter rows to keep all lines with 

[Attributed to = teammate name AND

    (type = assign 

    OR type = archive 

    OR type = assign 

    OR type = unassign 

    OR type = inbound 

    OR type = outbound 

    OR type = out_reply

    OR type = comment)

OR assignee = teammate name.


Keep a list of Conversation API ID x segment.


Going back to the non-filtered export, create a second list of Conversation API ID x segment filtered on New conversation = 1  

New conversations touched will then be the distinct count of Conversation API ID x segment that are in both of the above lists.

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