Private messages

📌 This functionality is only available for companies not using Office365 channels at this time.


While Front promotes transparency across your team, sometimes certain content should not be automatically shared for privacy reasons. Front will keep these messages private in the thread until you decide to share the message with the rest of the recipients in the conversation.

When do private messages occur?

A new inbound message will be made private if the recipients of the new message are:

  • A subset of the recipients of the previous message
  • Not a team channel


Private messages are visible to anyone who is a direct recipient. This means that in the above scenario, if the customer replied only to Sarah and Mike, but removed, then Sarah and Mike would both see the private message.

What can I do with a private message?

With a private message, any direct recipient who has access to the message can take one of the following actions, which cannot be reverted:

Share the private message

Click the Share button in the black banner to share the message so it’s visible to all participants on the conversation.

Move to a new conversation

Click the 3 dots on the message, and choose Move to a new conversation. Any other direct recipients of the message will be able to access the newly created conversation.

Keep message private

Recipients can also choose to do nothing and keep the message private. In this case, when you reply to a private message, Front will open a prompt to Share with everyone, or Keep reply private.

Rule implications

If you have a rule set up to fire on an inbound message, the rule will not run until the private message is either shared or moved to a new conversation.

Disable private messages

Some teams want private messages to always be shared. This is especially helpful if your team works closely together on customer communications, where having all context shared makes for a better customer experience. For example, if you’re a customer success team that uses your individual inboxes in Front, it may be helpful to disable private messages. 

Step 1

Go to My preferences.

Step 2

Search for or scroll down to the preference Always share private messages with everyone and enable the toggle.

Step 3

Click Save.

This preference is off by default-- use the toggle to the right to switch it on.

If we detect that you’re sharing most of your private messages, the app will present a suggestion to enable this preference so that it’s easy to enable this for yourself.


Why didn't a private message get created when I removed the team channel in my reply?

Private messages are created only when the external sender removes one or more of the recipients in their reply. If an internal Front teammate removes a team channel in a reply, this action does not trigger a private message and so the subsequent messages remain shared within Front.

Why do I still see a private message when I've enabled the setting to always share private messages?

If other teammates on the thread have not enabled the setting to always share private messages, then Front will respect the privacy and keep the message private. If all teammates on the thread have disabled the setting, then the message will be shared by default.

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