How to search in Front


Front has many options to help you search through your history effectively. Typing in words directly into the search bar will search all parameters for the matching term, or you can use search filters to narrow down your results. Front will show you the most relevant search results at the top of the list, and chronological results below that.


Step 1

Click the search box. A menu will appear with search shortcuts. The down arrow will show you advanced search shortcuts (explained below). Alternatively, type + in the search bar to see all the filters.

Step 2

By default, Front will search in your selected inbox. To search across all folders (to include all messages), flip the toggle below the search bar to All Folders.

Important to know

  • Search results match your exact search terms. Searching for Pete will only show results containing Pete — not Peter or Peters.
  • Front supports searches by prefix. If you're looking for an email from Mathilde Collin, you can type math* or coll* without quotations.
  • To search an exact phrase, use quotation marks around your search phrase to search an exact match, like "Weekly Team Update".
  • You can stack multiple search filters.

Search filters

Using filters in your searches will help you narrow your search to specific team members, inboxes, recipients, and so on.

Inbox name, Inbox type

  • inbox:inbox name - search conversations in a specific inbox
  • type:inbox type - refines your search to conversations of a specific channel type (email, tweets, SMS)

Subject, Body

  • subject: - refines your search to conversations with this content only in the subject
  • body: - refines your search to conversations with this content only in the body

Conversations assigned or followed by a specific team member

  • assignee:teammate name - refines your search to conversations assigned to a specific team member
  • author:teammate name - searches for messages sent by one of your teammates
  • follower:teammate name - refines your search to conversations followed by a specific team member

Conversations with a reminder, comment or attachment

  • has:reminder - refines your search to conversations that have been snoozed or where a reminder has been set up
  • in:comments - refines your search to conversations where comments have been made
  • has:attachment - refines your search to conversations that have an attachment
  • in:attachments *NEW* - refines your search to conversations where the text match is inside an attachment. Note: we currently search within PDF attachments. Support for search within other attachment types is coming soon!

Conversations with a specific recipient

  • from:contact - refines your search to conversations sent by a specific contact
  • to:contact - searches for conversations sent to a specific contact
  • cc:contact - refines your search to conversations with a specific contact in the cc field
  • bcc:contact - searches for conversations with a specific contact in the bcc field
  • recipient:contact - refines your search to conversations with a specific contact either in the from, to, cc or bcc fields

Conversations archived, deleted, tagged, assigned, unassigned etc.

  • is:archived - refines your search to archived conversations
  • is:deleted - searches for deleted conversations
  • is:open - refines your search to conversations either assigned or unassigned
  • is:assigned - searches for assigned conversations
  • is:unassigned - refines your search to unassigned conversations
  • is:following - searches for conversations that you follow
  • is:unreplied - searches for conversations that haven't been replied to yet
  • is:discussion - searches for all of your internal discussions
  • tag:tag name - refines your search to conversations tagged with a specific tag

Dates, Times

  • before:date - searches for conversations before a certain date
  • during:date (ex: during:2016-08 or before:2016-08-31 after:2016-08-01) - searches conversations received or sent during a specific time range
  • after:date - limits your search to conversations received or sent after a specific date

To enter specific dates, use the following formats: YYYY-MM-DD

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  • Is it possible to search for multiple tags at once? Often a single conversation is tagged more than once (for specificity) and being able to search for emails with a certain combination of tags would be very helpful. 

  • It seems you have a bug, where if you search for and probably add any other filter, the to: filter will incorrectly include reply-to, which is really weird.  I have only tried this with ( subject:"sample subject" ) - in that case, I receive results where the subject is "sample subject" and the to is NOT

  • How can I search comments in a particular folder for specific words? For example... In a specific folder I want to find all emails that have comments containing the word "Ellis".

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