How to change my notification settings


Front's notification settings give you fined tuned controls over the alerts you receive for new activity in Front. You can choose from one of our default modes, or create custom notification rules for specific situations.


You can manage your notifications for desktop, email, and mobile independently. Set a Basic notification mode (“all”, “smart”, and “no notifications”) for each platform, and you can also use Advanced notification rules to customize them further.

Basic notifications

Step 1

Go into your Settings, and select Notifications.

Step 2

Choose your Basic notification modes for desktop, email, and mobile. Click Save.

"Smart notifications" are our most popular defaults for new customers. Here are the notifications you’ll get on each platform:

Advanced notifications

You can use Advanced notification rules to customize your notification settings further and trigger notifications for exactly what you need. If you use a lot of advanced notification rules, we recommended switching to No notifications for your Basic modes and just building rules for the notifications you need.

Step 1

In your notification settings, click Advanced.

Step 2

Click Add a notification rule.

Step 3

Create your notification rule with your desired conditions to create a custom notification. These if-then rules will override the defaults of your chosen Basic modes.

For example, here we’ll create a rule to notify me on desktop and mobile when I’m @mentioned on a conversation in our Sales@ inbox.

If rules conflict, the more specific rule will override the more general rule or your notification mode. For example, if the conditions for a rule that says "don't notify me" are met, there won’t be a notification — even if there your All or Smart notification mode would normally notify you.

Step 4

Click Save.

Sound notifications

Follow these instructions to turn off or turn on audio notifications for Front.


Desktop notifications are sent immediately.

Mobile notifications are delayed by 20 seconds (and sent if the message has not been seen).

Email notifications are delayed by 3 seconds (and sent if the message has not been seen).

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  • Hi leonie , You should just be able to click into your advanced notifications to edit or remove any notification rules are sending you unwanted notifications. You can always email , or click "Talk to us" in Front to speak to a member of the support team, and have someone help review your notification settings

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