How to set up and use the PieSync integration

PieSync integrates Front with other apps for an intelligent and automatic 2-way contact sync, so your Front data is always up to date.

Set up connections in PieSync and define custom filters or field mappings as desired, and your contacts will automatically stay in sync between Front and your CRM, marketing automation platform, or other tools. 

You need to be a PieSync customer to set up this integration. If you are not already using PieSync, sign up for a trial here. You will also need to be a Front Company Admin, and your plan must include API access.

Step 1 

Log into your PieSync account. Under Connections, click Add New Connection.

Step 2

Search for the Front connector and select it. Do the same thing for the other app you want to sync contacts with, like Salesforce or Marketo.

Step 3

Authorize both apps. If you've already connected an account for that app with PieSync, you'll be able to choose it from the drop down menu, or click add a new account to authorize another.

Step 4

You'll see this screen when you click Authorize Front or Add a new account. Click Next. Then click Authorize to allow PieSync to connect to your Front account.


PieSync will only sync your team contacts, not your private contacts. If you have multiple Teams in Front (feature only available on the Enterprise plan), you will need to choose which Team's contacts the connector should sync with. If you want to set up syncs for multiple Teams, you will need to set up separate connections in PieSync for each Team.

Step 5

Once both apps you want to connect are authorized, you will be able to configure the connector in PieSync. For more details on these configurations, please review PieSync's help documentation here.

Note: At this time, PieSync will only match contacts based on email addresses. If you need to sync data between contacts where no email address is present, the connector will encounter an error and the contact record will not be synced.

Step 6

Once you've finalized your connector configuration, click Start Syncing Now! to activate the connector. 

FAQ about using PieSync and Front

Can I use PieSync to update custom contact fields in Front? 

Yes — you will need to create the custom field in Front first (Settings > Contacts > Add a custom field). Then you will be able to access that custom field as a mapping option in PieSync. You might need to press Refresh field list to see the new custom field if you just created it.

Can I use PieSync to help me auto-assign emails to their CRM account owner?

Yes — you will need to set up rules in Piesync to add contacts to contact groups in Front for each account owner, then use rules in Front based on contact group to assign the messages.

You will need to create the contact groups in Front first, then create the rules in PieSync. 

Below is an example showing how this would work with Salesforce and Front, and the full list of apps that PieSync supports is listed here.

  1. Create a contact group in Front for each account owner, calling it something like “Owned by X” 
  2. Create a rule for each account owner and their corresponding contact group in PieSync:  
  3. Create an assignment rule in Front for the first owner’s contact group to assign their messages to them: 
  4. Repeat by creating rules for all owner groups and assignments.
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