How to see contact details and communication history


Contact details makes it easy to see more information about contacts involved in the conversation you're currently viewing. The Contact Details section allows you to view and edit contact information, see recent conversations involving this contact, and manage internal notes related to this contact.

The Conversations section shows past conversations with the contact across all channels in Front (email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) in the inboxes you have access to. You will not see any conversations with the contact from team or individual inboxes you do not have access to.

How to access contact details

You can view contact details in two places, and are accessible to all users:

Step 1

When viewing any conversation, click to the Contacts details plugin in the integrations switcher to see the details alongside the conversation.

If you do not see contact details in your integration switcher, you can add it by clicking on the + button in the switcher bar, then pinning contact details to add it as a favorite.

Step 2

In the Contact Manager, click on the contact to see the details in the panel on the far right.

What you'll find in contact details

Contact details is separated into 4 sections:

  • Header: displays the name and avatar of the contact, along with any Contact Groups this contact belongs with. If the contact has been added to Company Contacts or Private Contacts, an indicator is shown. 
  • Contact information: displays all the properties on this contact (email addresses, phone numbers, Twitter handles, custom fields, etc.)
  • Conversations: displays past conversations with this contact across all channels you have access to
  • Notes: displays notes that can be shared with your teammates or kept private

Each section can be expanded and collapsed, and Front will remember the sections you've collapsed so that you can focus on the information most important to you.

If there are multiple contacts in your conversation thread, you can select which contact you'd like to see details on using the "Switch Contact" drop down in the top corner.


The Contact Details header displays:

  • The name and avatar of the contact
  • Any contact groups the contact has been added to
  • An Add to contacts button to add the contact to Company Contacts or Private contacts if it hasn't already been added

Adding a contact to Company contacts or Private contacts

By default, contacts are only accessible to teammates or Teams that have conversations with that contact. The Add to contacts button allows the user to change the visibility of the contact:

  • Add to Company Contacts will add this contact to the Company contacts list in the Contacts Manager, and cause the contact to be shared with all teammates in the company.
  • Add to Private contacts will create a separate private copy of this contact and add to the user's "My Contacts" list in the Contacts Manager. This new private contact will only be visible to the teammate that created it.

Adding a contact to a contact group

After a contact has been added either to Company contacts or Private contacts, the Add to group button appears, allowing you to add the contact to a contact group. Private contacts can only be added to private contact groups, while Company contacts can be added to company, team, or private contact groups.

Contact information

Contact information will show all information about this contact and allow you to easily edit and add new properties using the Add information button.

To edit a property, hover on the property and click the pencil icon that appears. To copy the value of a property, hover on the property and click the copy icon. 


The Conversations tab shows past conversations with the contact, across all channels you have access to in Front. For instance, if Lisa messages your team over text and email, and both her phone number and email are added to her contact record, you will see texts and emails from her here.

Each conversation cell provides helpful information at a glance: 

  • The inbox the conversation is in
  • The teammates involved in the conversation, along with the assignee (if any) which is identified with a blue circle
  • Any tags applied to the conversation
  • A snooze indicator if the conversation has been snoozed
  • An archived indicator if the conversation has been archived
  • Time since last activity in this conversation

When you click on a conversation, it will open in a new window for you to read through all of the messages.


Notes allow you to write down anything you want share with your teammates for context and are a great way to add reminders for yourself later. When you add a new note, you can choose whether to share it with your entire company, a specific team, or keep it private.

Recent Communications indicator

When you're replying to a customer who has other recent conversations in inboxes you have access to, you'll see a banner notifying you about those conversations. You can then click View to see these recent conversations in the Contact details panel. 

Below is a quick video explaining the feature:

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