Spam in Front


Front does not have a spam filter. We sit on top of your DNS provider, so all messages that make it past them will appear in Front. Spam marked by Gmail and Office365 channels will sync to Front's spam folder.

Deleting spam in Front will not sync to Gmail/Office365 or vice versa, since spam is considered to be a trash folder and Front does not handle permanent deletions to other servers.


Step 1

If a message comes into Front that looks like spam, find Mark as Spam by clicking on the conversation menu. If this is not a Gmail channel, then this action will move the conversation to the Spam folder. If this is a Gmail channel, Mark as Spam will tell Gmail that this message is spam. Gmail will consider blocking the sender moving forward.

When you Block sender, every subsequent message from that sender will automatically go to the Trash folder.

Step 2

Conversations that have been marked as spam in Front will appear in the Spam tab of the inbox and be marked with an exclamation icon.


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  • How can I remove an email form "Block Sender" list?

  • Hi Timothée,

    Go into your Trash and find the email. Then click Unblock Sender.

  • How can I block a Facebook user that is spamming my our Facebook Messenger Inbox?

  • Pedro Perezim Use the Block sender option.

  • Hi - I accidentally marked an email as spam in a shared inbox. I can't find the email I marked in my trash so I can restore and unmark the address from our block sender list. 

    This is a very important sender so please help! Cori Morris

  • We receive a lot of spam in our main contact email. Do you plan to improve your spam detection feature ? (I find Thunderbird very good at it).

  • Nicolas Cynober Hi there, we actually do not have plans at this time to implement our own spam filtering, as there are existing services that do this. We have a few other large projects currently, but I have logged your feedback for our team! 

  • Helena Li Could you share with me services that do this and could be plugged in with Front ?

  • Hi Nicolas Cynober, the spam filtering would be set up at your server level and not in Front, as we are the email client. Thus, we don't actually integrate directly with any spam services as that would be done before the mail reaches Front. At this time, we don't have a list of recommendations as that is not our area of expertise and we don't want to speak on anything that we haven't done ample research on; but I am sure that there are many recommendations on the Internet tailored for your email server! Apologies that I can't be more helpful.

  • Is the "Mark as Spam" option restricted to Admins? Our users can't see this menu option.

  • Hi Chris D it's possible that you have the company setting disabled to allow users to delete conversations, and marking as spam moves the conversation to trash. To check, go to Settings > Preferences (under Company) and check this setting: 

  • Thanks, that was indeed the issue! :)

  • Is there anyway to customize a spam filter here? We repeatedly get spam emails from various email addresses which all contain the same phrase. Would love to be able to create a filter that would automatically spam any emails containing that specific phrase. 

  • Hi andrea while you cannot customize the Front spam can create custom rules to archive or action messages that contain certain phrases which may help you in this case. thanks!

  • Kenji Hayward Thanks for that idea, sort of like a backdoor spam filter where I just put it all into my own folder, I can get behind that. Thank you!

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  • Is there a way that deleting Spam in Front will delete Spam in Gmail Spam folder as well?

  • Is there a way to see how many spams I got in a certain period of time? I noticed that spams don't appear in analytics, but I'm trying to count how many mails including spams I have gotten over some period of time. Is there a way to do that in analytics ? 

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