How to set up a Facebook inbox in Front


Front's Facebook inbox feature supports Facebook Pages, which are different from personal timelines. Once you create your Facebook Page inbox, you will be able to manage incoming messages directly from Front.

Note: Due to a limitation on the Facebook API, replies are limited to 640 characters.

If you don't have a Facebook Page yet, but want to create one, follow these instructions.


Step 1

Go into your Settings, select Inboxes, and Add a team inbox.

Step 2

Select Facebook.

Step 3

Connect to Facebook.

Step 4

Choose the page you want to manage in Front.

Step 5

Select who on your team has access to this inbox, and click Create inbox

Syncing with Facebook Messenger

Facebook conversations in Front will sync with Facebook Messenger. What this means is that outbound messages that you send from Front will show up in your Facebook account, and vice versa. 

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  • How to re-authenticate Facebook once it's logged out ? I can't seem to find a way without removing all the current conversation.

    How can I do it ?

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  • Hello Please email us so we can look in to your account.

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  • Is is possible to add multiple Facebook Pages into the Inboxes?

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  • Jay Yes!

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  • Cori Morris Hello can you email me the INSTRUCTIONS on how to add multiple FB pages? I've been trying to do it or find the guidelines & I haven't been successful. Thanks -

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  • Francesca Hi there,

    If you go to Settings > Inboxes > choose Facebook > Connect to Facebook, you should be able to add them each that way.

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  • Cori Morris I've tried that. When I click CONNECT to FB it doesn't give me the option of selecting another page than the one I already have linked to FRONT

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  • Francesca Are the other pages linked to this account, or a different account?

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  • Cori Morris Hi Cori, can you please tell me how to do this?

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  • Cori Morris  Its a different page 

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  • Kade Griffiths Hi there, can you clarify what you're trying to do?

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  • Hello Team. I would like to know, if we can connect Facebook public post to FrontAPP (along with Facebook ads). As per now, our Tool is set to receive Twitter (DM and Public) and Facebook Messenger post. 

    Can you let me know if this is possible, and if there will be any different of the user right setting?



    Michele Ghielmetti

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  • Michele Ghielmetti Hi there!

    Currently, the Facebook inbox only brings messages into Front. I'll be sure to let you know if we change this in the future.

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  • My team has been using this feature for a few years and suddenly as of Monday this week, it does not work. New messages show up, but attempts to reply to any message from Facebook give the error "Front cannot access your Facebook page anymore." We have not changed any passwords on Facebook this week.  How do I re-connect our Facebook page?

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  • Sam Spaulding We would recommend contacting Front's support team via the in-app chat in Front (Click your avatar, then "Talk to us" - from there we will be able to confirm your identity, and get that account reauthorized

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  • Jason Dugdale I have been going back and forth for 4 days with Front's support team through the in-app chat; I am unable to get more than one step ahead per day and this is untenable—we are missing messages and are about to start a big sale this week so it is imperative that we be able to respond. Is there an email I can use to reach the support team more efficiently?

    I was told that support staff is seeing the error "Got status: 404 (#803) Some of the aliases you requested do not exist..." At this point I have (as instructed) removed the channel for my Facebook page, but cannot figure out how to reconnect it or re-add the channel. Is there documentation on your site anywhere about how to do this? Is there a number I can call? This is very frustrating.

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  • Hi Sam Spaulding , I'll send you an email directly in a moment

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