How to archive a conversation

Why archive?

Think of archiving your emails as checking off your to-do list, and the goal is to check off all your tasks and thus reach inbox zero. Archiving will keep the conversation in the All folder, but it will no longer be an open status in the inbox it lives in. Once you've read or actioned on the conversation, you should archive it.

How to archive

Click the file box icon in the top bar, or use the keyboard shortcut e to archive a conversation.

If your inbox is connected to a Gmail/Google Apps account, then archiving a message in Front will also archive it there. Otherwise, if you are redirecting mail into Front, archiving a message will only take effect within Front.


What happens when I archive?

Archiving a conversation moves it out of the queue of messages to work on. Sometimes, you can archive a conversation for everyone on your team, and sometimes it only impacts you — it depends on where you are in the app when you archive.

  1. In the team inbox: When you archive, the conversation moves to the "Archived" tab and appears archived for everyone who looks at that inbox.
  2. In your "Assigned to me" section: You'll archive for yourself and for the team inbox because the assignee you have a "special power" to archive the team view. You will not archive for any teammates who are subscribers and the subscribers will continue to see this conversation in their "Shared with me" section.
  3. In your "Shared with me" section: You'll archive only for yourself. You will not archive for the team inbox, for the assignee, or for any teammates who are subscribers. The team will still see the conversation in the team inbox, the subscribers will still see the conversation in their "Shared with me section", and the Assignee will still see the conversation in their "Assigned to me section".
  4. In your individual inbox (yourname@): You'll archive only for yourself. You will not archive for any teammates who are subscribers and they will continue to see this conversation in their "Shared with me" section.

When should I archive?

Archiving is not deleting, so you will not lose the history, but simply take it out of view because no action is needed at this time. Here are examples of when you should archive emails:

  • Announcements and notices: You do not need to respond after reading the information, so you can archive it and search for it in the future if needed. 
  • Send & Archive: For most cases, you should be able to archive the replies you send out because the next action is likely on the recipient's part. If you still need to follow up, simply set a reminder on your reply to reopen the conversation instead of keeping the conversation open in your inbox the whole time. You can set your default Send button to be Send & Archive in your Preferences.
  • Shared with me conversations: Your teammates might loop you into conversations by @mentioning you, which will show up in your Shared with me folder. Archive the conversation after you have completed your action. If new activity occurs, the conversation will reopen (unless you mute it), so you won't miss anything. 
  • Automated emails: You might receive automated notification emails or updates, which you can archive  
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  • I have added a tag and archived an email. In Gmail this appears in my bin and in the label/tag. Does that mean in 30 days that email will be deleted and lost forever?

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  • Melanie Webb No, the conversation will remain in your Trash in Front.

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  • But the email still stays in the inbox. I kinda want it to disappear and become hidden. The only time it will disappear is when I send a reply and hit send and archive. Can you tell me the workaround for it to disappear? 

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  • Menard Dacillo If you only archive a conversation, it should disappear from the Unassigned and Open tab, and only live in the All tab. 

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  • Cori Morris wow that's a fast reply. Amazing! Uhmm. I am actually working with so many emails and they are all in together under the All tab, now my concern is it's kind of a hassle for me to keep scrolling down since they still stay in the All tab. So no way it will disappear? Otherwise deleted?

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  • Or how to transfer everything that is under the ALL to OPEN tab?  

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  • Menard Dacillo I would suggest you work from the Unassigned or Open tab. The only way to remove a conversation from the All tab is to delete it. Think of your All tab as your history/archives.

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  • Cori Morris How to import all the emails I have inside my Gmails inbox to Front app? I understand that once we added it, it should automatically populate, however some of my other email accounts do not. It only show all mails not the inbox emails. Should I remove it and re added it again? Have you heard this kind of dilemma? 

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  • Menard Dacillo Can you email us and let us know the email addresses that didn't auto-import? We can investigate further from there.

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  • Cori Morris How long does it take for your team to reply? I chatted you guys and even emailed you however no response taken yet. Hope it doesn't take days. I badly need to work on the emails. 

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  • Hi Mernard,

    Just wanted to see if you were able to get in touch. I was checking in but did not see your name come in. Our team strives to get back to you as soon as possible! You can reach us at: as Cori mentioned.

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  • Hi guys,

    I had to add Outlook to my computer and it results on having all my emails added to my Inbox since I'm working here (10k as of now), is there a way to archive all my emails at once in the app?



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  • Max Hbt Seconded. How do you archive all unassigned messages at once?

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  • Hi  Max Hbt  Jeff Haskin 👋 Out support team can assist with that! Feel free to email with your email address that you need help mass archiving along with the date range (ex. messages before 9/20/2018)


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  • I've sent an email through asking for all my personal emails to be archived in Front - This should be possible myself (Ctrl + A, then Archive) but Front doesn't seem to respect Select All yet.

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  • Ben Fairless Unfortunately this not something you can do on your side at the moment however we are working on improving these functionalities int he future so please stay tuned there. :) In the meantime this is always something we can do for you. Simply reach out to us at and let us know which dates and which inbox you would like us to run the archive for.

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  • Hello!


    Tell me please, what happen, when i archive a conversation, which is in two inboxes? For example, conversation in support@ and mail@. I archive from mail@ inbox. What happen in support@? Will this conversation be archive in support@ too?

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  • How do you see the archived conversations?

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  • Paul Peeples You can access your archived conversations in the All section, and if you would like to see the archived conversations for a team then we will want to select the All tab  for the inbox. Also, if you only want to see just the archived messages in there, they can be focused on by using is:archived in the search.

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  • If a message is archived, does it reopen if responded to again? Are notifications sent if new replies are received?

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  • Hi Cecilia ! Yes, after you archive a message, a new email from the recipient will reopen it! If a teammate also comments on it or sends out a message on it, the new activity will make the email show in your "shared with me" section if you are subscribed to it (if this is a team email).

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