How to set up a Twitter DM inbox in Front


Front's Twitter DM inbox allows you and your team to send a direct message to anyone on Twitter directly from Front. Remember that Twitter DMs sent from Front will be subject to Twitter's 10,000 character limit for DMs.

To add a Twitter DM inbox, your account must be on a paid Front plan and below your limit of Twitter and Twitter DM channels. Read on here for more details about this limit.


Step 1

Go into your Settings, select Inboxes, and Add a team inbox.

Step 2

Select Twitter DM from the list of inbox types.

Step 3

Click Connect to Twitter.

Step 4

In the pop up window, authorize Front to use your Twitter account. Then click Save.

Step 5

Select which teammates should have access to this inbox, and click Create inbox.

Step 6

To DM someone, compose an email. Make sure the From field is your Twitter DM account, and the To field is the Twitter handle of the person you want to DM. 

Note: The account you are trying to DM will need to have their Twitter account settings set to receive DMs from everyone, including accounts they don't follow. Otherwise, if they don't openly accept DMs, then you will receive an error when trying to DM them.

Step 7

Write your message, and send.


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  • I am only able to create a channel for Twitter DM under Twitter. Is there a way to create DM as its own separate inbox?

    When I try to create an inbox separately, I receive a response indicating that Twitter already exists as an inbox. 

  • Nancy Gallegos Hey there! Can you show me the error message you're getting? If you prefer emailing it, feel free to send it to

  • Cori Morris The first image shows you that our DM is set up as a channel. I would like for it to be its own inbox. The second image shows the message I would receive when I tried to add a Twitter DM account and before it made it into a channel. 

  • Nancy Gallegos Hi! Here's what I suggest you do. Create a team folder called Twitter DM. Then, go in to the current Cleanify (DM) channel and click Move channel. You will want to move it to the new Twitter folder. You should then have the DM channel in a separate inbox.

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