Organize with tags


Tags are a great way to keep messages organized or signal a teammate to take action.

Front has two kinds of tags: private and public. Private tags are only visible to you, and public tags are shared with your team so anyone can use them.

How to create a tag

Step 1

Click the 🏷 tag icon at the top of any message and click Tag.

 Step 2

Type of the name of your tag and specify whether it’s a private or a team tag.

💡Tip: If you pick a "highlight" color or emoji for the tag, you'll be able to see the tag in your conversation list at a glance. Otherwise, you'll only see it when you open the message.

Using tags

Click the 🏷 tag icon and search for your tag name, then click it to apply. Additionally, you can use rules to tag messages automatically and run analytics reports to see how frequently certain tags are being used.

Editing tags

Option 1

Click the tag on the conversation, and click Edit to edit directly from the message.

 Option 2

Go into Settings and click My tags (for private tags) or Tags (for public tags). Then choose your tag and edit the name or delete the tag. To make changes to the highlight color or emoji, you will need to use Option 1 above.

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