Understanding Pricing


Front offers three base plans you can choose from: Starter, Plus and Pro. Each plan unlocks a different set of productivity features to help you and your team work more effectively together.

In addition to the base plans, you can further customize your plan with extra features available as add-ons and lower-cost licenses for light users you want to add to Front as collaborators.

Read more details on our current pricing at https://frontapp.com/pricing.

Base plans

Starter: the essentials to get your team up and running

Cost: $12 user/mo (monthly) or $9 user/mo (annually)


  • 3 email team inboxes (like support@, success@, finance@)
  • Unlimited individual inboxes (andersen@, amy@)
  • Collaborative features (assignments, mentions, share draft)
  • 3 team rules (Basic rule conditions) and 10 team canned responses
  • Contacts and calendar

Plus: go beyond email and customize your workflow

Cost: $29 user/mo (monthly) or $24 user/mo (annually)

Everything in Starter, and:

  • 5 team inboxes total (email, social, or live chat only)
  • Unlimited workflow rules (Basic rule conditions) and canned responses
  • Integrations excluding CRMs and Zapier
  • Custom plugins and API access with 120 rpm
  • Email sequences
  • Front Chat access for all users

Pro: even more channels and data to transform teamwork

Cost: $49 user/mo (monthly) or $39 user/mo (annually)

Everything in Plus, and:

  • 10 team inboxes total (any type including SMS, Talkdesk, Google Play Store, and custom API channels)
  • Unlimited workflow rules (Basic and Advanced conditions)
  • CRM integrations (Salesforce, Pipedrive, Hubspot, Zoho, Base) and Zapier
  • Analytics
  • Load balancing
  • Increase API rate limit to 240 rpm

Plan add-ons

Light users

Lower-cost license type for people you want to collaborate with, but who don't need to manage team inboxes. You can @mention or assign them conversations from team inboxes to loop them in, but they otherwise do not have access to your team workspace. Learn more here

Cost: $10 per user per month (monthly and yearly plans)


Create shift schedules across multiple timezones, and assignment rules will only assign to available teammates on the current shift. Conversations won’t be missed when shifts change, and analytics are more precise based on each teammate’s local shift hours. Learn more here.

Cost: $10 per user per month (monthly and yearly plans)

You can purchase this add-on through in-app billing.

Access Management

The Access Management add-on can supplement any base plan with a suite of features perfect for larger organizations, companies that require separate workspaces, or teams who need more advanced settings and security controls. Here are the features in the Access Management add-on:

1. SSO

Allow your company to use single sign-on to log into Front, which is useful if you use many different software tools and you can simplify by having one login for them all. See here for how to set up SSO.

2. Multiple Teams

Create distinct workspaces within your Front account so you can have different groups of admins, teammates, inboxes, canned responses, rules, and settings for each Team. This is helpful for different departments, business hours, or groups of people. Learn more about when to use Teams.

3. Custom roles and permissions

Custom roles and permissions allow you to choose the exact actions that teammates are allowed to make in Front, in addition to the default Team Admin and Team Member roles. This is helpful when training new teammates, for instance, so that you can restrict them from sending messages from team channels while they onboard. Read here about what custom roles and permissions are possible.

4. IP restriction

IP restriction allows companies to restrict where teammates can access Front from. This is helpful for any company that has strict IT policies.

The Ac add-on is applied to all users, both Full and Light, in the company. 

Interested in this add-on? Contact sales@frontapp.com.

More team inboxes

If you hit the limit of team inboxes allowed on your plan, you can purchase this add-on to get 25 more team inboxes. You can only connected inbox types that are allowed on your base plan: email only for Starter; email, live chat, and social for Plus; or any type for Pro.

Cost: $100 per mo for 25 additional team inboxes

You can purchase this add-on up to three times through in-app billing. Contact Front's sales team if you need more: sales@frontapp.com.

Increase API rate limit

The API rate limit add-on allows you to double the API rpm limit of your base plan. On the Plus plan, you start off with 120 rpm, while on the Pro plan you start off with 240 rpm.

Cost: + $200 per month per increase

You can purchase this add-on up to two times through in-app billing.


The Twitter add-on allows you to connect one Twitter account to Front. You can add multiple Twitter add-ons to your plan. Each add-on allows you to create a team inbox for public tweets and a team inbox for DMs.

Cost: $20 per month per add-on

You can purchase this add-on through in-app billing.

Pricing FAQ

What currency do you accept?

US dollars ($)

How can I pay?

The simplest way is to add your credit card in in-app billing.

You can also pay by wire transfer or ACH if you purchase annually. If your IT department requires ACH or wire transfer, please contact our Sales team at sales@frontapp.com. For more information visit this help article.

Do I get a discount for purchasing yearly?

Yes. By purchasing an annual plan, you are guaranteed savings of at least 13%, depending on the plan.

How can I add licenses?

You can add a license through Settings > Teammates > Invite a Teammate. When you add a new teammate, we will charge your credit card based on the prorated time between when they were added and the next billing statement. This charge will happen within the day the teammate is added.

Additionally, you can also purchase additional licenses via Settings > Billing

When and how can I change my plan?

You can change your plan at any time through in-app billing. If you're downgrading your plan, we will prorate your time and credit the difference towards your next billing statement. If you're upgrading your plan, we will prorate the time spent on the new plan and charge your credit card within the same day.

How can I change my billing information?

You can change your billing information in in-app billing and click on Edit payment details. For more information visit this article.

How do I see my past invoices?

You can see your past invoices in in-app billing and select View invoices. For more information visit this article.

When and how can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time through in-app billing. For more information visit this help article .

What is your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds. Any unused time will be applied to future invoices.

What is the difference between Basic and Advanced rule conditions?

There are a few Advanced rule conditions that are available on the Pro plan for more complex workflows. They will be visible in the rule builder for Starter and Plus plan customers but will be grayed out and cannot be used to create rules. For an explanation of all rule conditions, see here

The Advanced rule conditions are:

Rule condition category

Advanced condition


  • Conversation unassigned                                 
  • Conversation reopened


  • Unreplied after
  • Unassigned after
  • Day is
  • Time is between


  • Assign in group (randomly)
  • Assign in group (round-robin)

Why am I required to buy at least 2 licenses?

Front is built to be a collaborative platform and most features are best showcased with multiple teammates. In order to get the most out of your Front subscription, we require you to have at least 2 teammates on the plan.

Transitioning to Front's new pricing plans

If you are a Front customer who signed up before April 2019, you can read this section about your pricing transition. If you signed up after, you are already on the new pricing!

We are restructuring our pricing model to give you more flexibility to build the right plan for you. Over the coming months, all Front customers will transition off legacy plans to the new plans described above.

When will my pricing change?

We will provide details about your transition in an email to your company admins and billing contacts. If you have questions about this timeline, please contact us.

Which plan will my account transition to?

We will automatically move your account to the lowest cost combination of base plan and add-ons to preserve your current feature set. However, depending on how important certain features are to you, you may be able to lower your plan cost by moving to a lower tier plan, removing add-ons, or transitioning users to light user licenses. 

Here are a few ideas to consider:


  • If you have any CRM integration or Zapier enabled, you will automatically be moved to the Pro plan. If you wish to move to Plus, make sure to disable your CRM integrations and Zapier.
  • To move to the Starter plan, make sure to disable all integrations.

Team inbox channels
You'll be moved to a certain base plan by the number of team inbox channels you currently have connected to Front and their type. For example, if you have 8 team inbox channels including email and SMS, you will be moved to Pro because SMS is only available on Pro.  

In the case where you need more team inbox channels than are allowed on your new plan, we will automatically apply the team inbox add-on to raise your limit.

If you use the Teams feature, custom roles and permissions, or SSO, the Enterprise add-on will automatically be added to your base plan at +$20 per user per month.

When and how can I move to a new plan?

Any company admin change update your new plan anytime after you receive your transition notification email in Settings > Billing. 

How do plan changes affect my invoice? 

When you add a new user license, upgrade your team plan, or purchase an add-on, we immediately bill the pro-rated amount for your current cycle. When licenses, plans, and add-ons are downgraded or removed, we will apply a pro-rated credit on your next invoice.

What's the difference between the Enterprise add-on vs. the old Enterprise plan?

With the new pricing plan, we've decreased the cost per user on each of the three base plans and bundled our Enterprise features into an add-on. The Enterprise add-on can be applied to any base plan, whereas in our legacy pricing only the highest tier plan had access to these features.

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