Build and enforce an SLA workflow (legacy method)

📣 This is the legacy SLA setup using the standard rule engine in Front. We now have an SLA rules feature to automatically create and manage your SLA workflows, including SLA reports on your response times and volume. We recommend using the SLA rule builder to manage your SLAs.


In the travel and logistics industries, SLAs (Service Level Agreement) are very common to provide top notch service to customers. In Front, many of our clients use rules to help enforce SLAs and track compliance. In this article, you will see how you can accomplish the same for your team.

Even if your team does not have formalized SLAs with clients, the rules below will also help you improve and track response times as an internal goal.


Follow these steps to create a rule to track response time, SLA breaches, and keep tabs on active breaches. For the purposes of our examples below, let’s set the SLA breach time to 1 hour.

Stage 1: Identify any SLA breaches

This rule will add the tag SLA Breach to any message that has been unreplied to in the breach time frame (in our example, this is 1 hour). This will automatically identify messages that have not gotten a response and indicate they should take priority within your inbox. 

Step 1

Click into Settings, select Rules, and Add a team rule.

Step 2

Set up the time-based breach rule as shown below.

Stage 2: Prevent SLA breaches

Before you actually breach, Front can help you catch messages that are close to breaching, with a rule that will add the tag SLA Warning to any message that close to breaching your SLA.  For example, if your SLA is 1 hour, you can set up an SLA Warning rule for 45 minutes so your team has a 15 minute grace period to respond before the full SLA breaches. 

Step 1

Click into Settings, select Rules, and Add a team rule.

Step 2

Set up the time-based breach warning rule as shown below.

Stage 3: Track SLA breaches

You and your team will be able to see the status of all conversations that have been tagged with your SLA tags by pinning and highlighting team tags to your workspace.

Step 1

Each teammate can pin the SLA breach and SLA warning tags to your workspace. This will help you keep tabs on which messages are currently in breach and which are in warning, as you will see the counter next to the tag. 

Step 2

Highlight your SLA tags to make them more prominent as you’re working through your inbox. 

Stage 4: Reporting on SLAs

Front team admins will be able to create reports on SLA compliance with the tags that have been applied on conversations, using Analytics.

Step 1

Create a new analytics report, selecting the tags for your SLA breaches. 

Step 2

Within the report, we get a glimpse of how reactive we are toward our clients. Here we can see the volume breakdown based on our conversations within the tags. Click through the various tabs here to see specific analytics on the conversations with these tags.

See it in action!

To get a closer look of how SLAs can improve your team’s performance, see how the folks at Altour Travel achieved outstanding customer service here.

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