Mass archive your conversations


There may be times you end up with a large number of open conversations in your team or individual inbox. Perhaps you've just imported your individual inbox into Front and want to start with a clean slate, or you've been away on vacation, or simply got spammed - it happens to the best of us! You can mass archive these conversations you no longer need in one swift action, instead of archiving them individually. Note: The mass archive action is not reversible, but you can always manually reopen any conversations you need.


Step 1

Click into Settings and Inboxes (for team inbox) or My inboxes (for individual inbox).

Step 2

Click the inbox you want to run the mass archive for.

Step 3

Click into the Advanced section of the inbox.

Step 4

Click on the Archive from... button.

Step 5

Choose the date you want to mass archive up to, using the date picker.

Step 6

After choosing the date, you will see the date and time listed on the screen, along with a count of how many conversations will be archived with this action. Click Archive to begin the mass archive.

Step 7

You will see a gray banner at the top of your screen confirming that the archiving has begun. Feel free to click Dismiss to remove the banner, as the archive will complete on its own and you can find the archived conversations in the inbox's Archived tab.

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