How Front syncs with Gmail/Office365


Moving to a new email client can come with a lot of questions! One of the common questions we receive from new customers is, "How does Front work with Gmail or Office 365?"

While a move to Front means you won't be using Gmail or Office365 anymore, here's an overview of how syncing works between the two systems.

How Front syncs with Gmail


How Front syncs with Office 365


Note: If you send from a shared mailbox in Office 365, the message will appear in the sent inbox of the shared mailbox.

O365 Folder Structure Sync:

  • When you connect an O365 channel, Front will try to fetch as many folders as we can from O365.
  • Front will create up to 100 tags to match those folders. Folders after the 100th will not result in a tag being created.
  • Front will pin up to 100 tags in your personal workspace. It may be less than 100 if you already have other tags pinned.
  • Front will pin tags to your personal workspace regardless of whether there is content in the tag.
  • Tags that are created but not pinned are accessible through the tag menu.
  • Folders that couldn't be translated into tags will fall into the normal workflow where a tag is created when a message belonging to the folder comes in.
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