Conversations (in Team Tab)

Term: Conversations (in Team Tab)
Meaning Total count of unique conversations the teammate had action on.

Team Tab

Calculation Computed by adding all the activities that are part of the following list: Assigned, unassigned, archived, outbound reply. If a teammate completed at least one of these actions, the conversation will be included in the number displayed
Example Activity of each team members over selected period of time
FAQ This metric differs from the Total conversations metric in the Conversations tab, as that metric counts only the number of inbound and outbound messages (not teammate actions on the conversations, as this metric does).
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  • I'm a little confused... can you help me make sure I understand this correctly? TEAM conversations are different from the CONVERSATIONS metric... "Assigned, unassigned, archived, outbound reply." vs "one message was sent or received" 

    So does that mean as shown in attached that only 17,863 conversations were interacted with essentially, whereas 28,784 were essentially not interaction with, only sent or received?

  • Allie Huang Apologies for the confusion. Happy to clarify. 

    On the Conversations tab, the "Total conversations" metric is the number of conversations that got at least an inbound or an outbound message.

    On the Team tab, the "Conversations" column in the "All" row refers to the unique number of conversations that got an action other than an auto-reply (so it can be inbound, outbound, archive, etc.).

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