Teammate activity export


Teammate activity exports allow you to follow the time spent by teammates on Front. You can see on a daily basis how long a specific teammate spent actively using Front, figure out their last login date, etc. 

Teammate activity export is available if you have an Enterprise plan.


Step 1

Click on your avatar and to Settings, then Teammates, and click on Activity export in the sub-menu.

Step 2

On the Activity export page, you can select your start and end date, generate a new export, see past exports, and download them.


Exports are .csv files containing the following information:

  • Day   
  • Email: email used to invite the teammate in Front
  • Username: user name in Front
  • First name    
  • Last name    
  • License: license type (full/light)
  • Active duration (mins): active time spent in Front on this day by this teammate.


Why is active time a multiple of 5 min? 

A teammate is considered active for a 5 min time window if their app requests to load at least one conversation. As a consequence, all active time are multiple of 5 min.

How can a teammate have no active time?

Teammate activity exports also contain the list of inactive teammates. This includes for instance invited teammates that have not yet logged in.

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