Adding an individual inbox


Although you probably initially started using Front to manage team inboxes more effectively (like, you may find it convenient to add your individual inbox (like to Front. That way, you can check all of your email in one place and work in Front full time. Individual inboxes are private by default, but you can share emails with your teammates to work together faster. Each teammate can add up to 10 individual inboxes.


Step 1

Go to Settings > My inboxes Add an individual inbox.

Step 2 

Select your individual inbox type from the list. When starting out, most users will choose Email, and add an email inbox for their individual work email address (like

Step 3

Fill in the required information for the inbox type you selected, and give your inbox a name. Click Next.

Step 4

Decide if anyone else should have access to your individual inbox.

Individual inboxes are private by default. Only you have access to your individual inbox unless you select any teammate names from the checklist. 

Step 5

Click Create inbox

Privacy and sharing

By default, emails arriving in your individual inbox will stay private unless you choose to share them with another team member.

To share a single message at a time from your individual inbox, you can take any of the following actions: 

You can also share your entire individual inbox with a team member, if you like. Grant access by delegating your inbox to a teammate.

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  • I've shared an email with my teammate from my individual inbox, synced with the Gmail account. But when she tries to answer it, she gets an error that she can't compose from any channel. How can I grant an access to reply to such shared emails on my behalf?

  • Svetlana Malakhova Hi! Can you send us the Conversation ID for the message she's trying to reply to? Please send it to and we'll take a look. Thanks!

  • Hi Cori Morris . If I share an individual email, is there a way to cancel the share?

  • Ben Hi there, yes, you can. If you click the 3 dots at the top, and select Share, you can check/uncheck the teammate you're sharing the conversation with.

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