Channels vs. Team Inboxes?

Since Front brings a new approach to email management, naturally, there is some new lingo that goes along with it. Here is what we mean when we talk about:


A channel is any communication 'channel' you manage within Front. This can be an email address, Twilio phone number, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, etc. Each of these modes of communication represents a channel within Front.

Team inbox

A team inbox is an organizational space where emails live. There are two main types of team inbox:

Team inboxes without channels are Empty Inboxes

Empty inboxes don't have channels in them, so they won't receive inbound messages directly. Instead, what you can do is create rules that auto-route emails from other inboxes or have your team manually move messages into it. This serves as an organizational space, or an inbox that certain teammates can have access to without accessing the original inbox that the message came into.

Team inboxes with channels

The biggest difference here is that these team inboxes have channels in them, which means they will receive inbound messages directly.

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  • Is there a way to exclude messages from showing up under "all messages" (the 'master' team inboxes view)? 

    I have a folder that is getting messages 'imported' into it. The way our team uses Front, we are always in the "Team Inboxes" and viewing with the 'Open' filter, so we can address incoming issues. The folder "Ratings" does not receive "real-time" conversation that need to be addressed but it's showing up mixed in with our live issues...

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  • Allie Huang Hi there, currently there's no way to exclude messages from showing in "ALL" as that's your general archived list view. Sorry!

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