How to set up a custom SMTP inbox


When sending an email you have the choice to send emails using your own dedicated SMTP server. An SMTP server is a mail server that you can use to send an email. It stores your messages and ensures that your messages are either delivered or returned to you with a failure message. 

You can set up a custom SMTP inbox in Front, meaning you want to use your own server to send messages. Follow the instructions below to set up a custom SMTP inbox.

Please note if you are updating an existing inbox you'll want to open the existing inbox's settings and can skip to Part 2 once on the inbox's settings page.


Receiving Email Using Forwarding

Step 1

Go into Settings, and select either My Inboxes Add an individual inbox or Inboxes > Add a team inbox.

Step 2

Select Email.

Step 3

Input your email address and name, and click Next.

Step 4

If you chose to add a team inbox, choose which teammates will have access to the new team inbox, and click Create inbox.

Step 5

Use the forward address shown to redirect your emails, then click Send a test email.

Sending Email Using Custom SMTP

Step 1

Scroll down in your inbox settings until you see Custom SMTP. Click the down arrow to expand the setting, then click the toggle to enable custom SMTP.

Step 2

Complete the Host, Port, Login and Password fields, as well as specifying if you want to Connect with SSL/TLS (recommended) then test your connection.

Hint: For Gmail/Office 365 your host would be or over port 587. You may also want to generate an app password in Gmail or Office 365 if you're utilizing 2FA in either platform.

Step 3

Click Save.

Note: Depending on your custom email server's settings, the emails you send from Front may or may not be saved on your own server outside of Front. You'll need to set up your desired behavior in your custom server.

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    • Nick Kwan
    • Head of Growth // // Custom Packaging, Made Simple.
    • Nick_Kwan
    • 3 yrs ago
    • Reported - view

    Hi! Is this an administrator only function?

  • Hi Nick Kwan,

    Yes, only admins have access to this option. I will add the admin-only tag. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  • If we want to set this up for all users, is there a way to set it up at the account level?  Or do we need to set it up for each user individually?

  • Nate Schwandt Each user individually.

  • This is on the same topic.  We are using a CRM which automatically adds any email sent to a customer within the CRM to the activity for that customer.  However this doesn't work for our team using Front, even if I setup their inboxes with the custom SMTP of our email server.

    The emails also do not appear in the sent folder of the web-based email client for that email provider (Rackspace), so it seems like there is a disconnect somewhere.

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