How to add an image to your signature


Step 1

Host the image internally

Step 2 

Go to your Signatures

Step 3

Click Mode: Visual

Step 4

Use html to input your image

Step 5

Click Save

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  • Would you have any further detail on this, or could you expand a little more on these steps? I added an image to my signature via 'Add Image', but it appears as a broken image on emails.

  • Brooke Hahn It looks like there's a bug when attaching inline images to signatures in Raw mode. We will work on fixing this. In the meantime, please try recreating the signature in Visual mode.

  • Thanks  Cori Morris . I deleted and then recreated my signature in Visual Mode (which is how I originally set it up). The image displays in the signature within Front, however when I send an email with it, the image is still broken for the receiver. I also tested whether images in the email body were broken but they are working fine.

  • Brooke Hahn Could you send me an email and include this signature you mention so that I can see what it looks like on my end?

  • Could you please explain what you mean by hosting an image internally? 

  • I'm having the same issue...

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