Front's iOS app

Stay up to date and communicate with your team, even when you don’t have your computer handy. Use the Front iOS app to respond to your customers, collaborate with your team, and work happier!


How do I download the iOS app?

Visit, or go to the App Store.

Where do I find my iOS specific settings?

If you open navigation panel, you’ll see a button for Settings at the bottom. From there, you can set:

  • Out of office: All notifications will be turned off, and new messages assigned to you will be unassigned
  • Do not Disturb Notifications: You can choose from among receiving  all notifications, turning  on Do not Disturb, or setting a Do not Disturb schedule.
  • Badge counter: You can turn on or off the app icon badge counter. You can also choose if you want your inbox counter to reflect My Inbox, or a team workspace.
  • Quick reply: The quick reply composer is a half screen modal that is shown by default when replying to a message. It optimizes for short, text only replies. If you’d like the full screen composer to be presented every time you reply to a message, turn this off.
  • Absolute time: By default, we show relative time (2d, 2h) for timestamps in the iOS app. Switch on absolute time if you’d like the timestamps on your iOS app to show the full date and time.


How do I set up push notifications on the iOS app?

To choose which push notifications you want to receive on your iOS device, you need to use either the Front desktop or web app. From there, you can click your avatar in the top left → Settings → Notifications. You can set Basic Notifications by selecting either All, Smart, or None under the Mobile section. You can also set Advanced Notifications for your mobile app. Visit Notification Settings for more information. 

Does the iOS app offer push notification quick actions?

Yes! You are able to Comment, Mark as Read, or Archive from your push notifications, so you can easily triage your Inbox while you’re on the go.

What is the difference between the mobile and desktop app?

The iOS app is meant to enable you to read and triage your inbox while you’re on the go. It focuses on workflows that help you to be responsive and productive from your iOS device.

The iOS app does not support some advanced features that the desktop app supports, including but not limited to:

  • Onboarding for new users
  • Full set of personal settings
  • Sending images inline
  • Settings for canned responses, signatures, inboxes, or rules
  • Analytics
  • Sequences
  • Full contact manager

How do I upload attachments?

For new messages or replies, you can tap on the paperclip icon in the keyboard toolbar. For comments, you can tap on the paperclip icon on the right side of the comment bar.

How do I start a discussion?

  • Navigate into any inbox from your left navigation panel
  • Tap on the blue button with a pen in the bottom right corner
  • Choose the New discussion button 

How do I add, remove, and view my tags?

To add, remove, or view all tags, you can open the Tags view by either:

  • Tapping on any tags listed underneath the Subject of a conversation
  • Tapping the 3 dot overflow menu in the toolbar, and selecting View Tags
  • If you’d like to add, remove, or edit tags, you can tap Edit at the top right of the Tags view. You can also create a new tag by tapping Create new tag at the top.


Can I use Contact Manager on iOS?

You can access contact details saved in Contact Manager on the iOS app! Simply tap on the blue contact name in the header of a message to open the Contact Details view. 

You can also directly edit the Contact Details by tapping the Edit button at the top right of the Contact Details view!


How can I multi-select conversations?

Long press on any conversation, then select multiple conversations to take action on. The multi-select actions include: Archive, Trash, Star, Snooze, Assign, Move To, Tag,  Mark as Read, Mark as Spam


If you click on the three dots next to the Snooze icon, you can load more multi-select options (see below).


How do I get calendar reminders on the app?

See here for more details on mobile reminders.

How can you share to Front from 3rd party apps?

Tap the share button from any app to see the Front app logo in the selector pane. Click on the video below to see an example.

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  • Is there any way of sending file attachments from mobile? There doesn't appear to be an option to 'send using FrontApp' or to select Dropbox attachments direct from the app.

  • Hey John,

    On iOS, click the three dots in the bottom right corner, there is an Attach files option.

    On Android, click the paperclip on the top, and select Choose a file.

  • Cori Morris This seems to only allow attachments from camera or photo album. Not file attachments?

  • John, I see! That's on our roadmap, but not yet available right now.

  • Hello, is there any progress on this? Thanks

  • Lukáš Kadlčík Hi there, it's still on our roadmap, but no update on timing yet.

  • Do you have plans to add support for tags? eg Asana links currently do not appear in Frontapp IOS. I would like to click the links in IOS to my asana tasks and also back to frontapp emails in IOS from links in the Asana iOS app

  • Ben Hi there, it's not on our immediate roadmap, but I will share your request with our product team.

  • Hi guys - We just purchased Front for 5 people, paying an annual subscription.

    We just learned of this limitation and frankly it's unacceptable, as it hinders our workflow and the workflow of any business that regularly sends out tools and PDFs to clients (we're a therapy practice). Can you please escalate this to your product team? This is a basic feature of any iOS mail app and to think we are paying a huge sum of money without this functionality does not sit well. 

    Please help? 

  • Jordan Robert Axani, are you referring to the ability to send PDFs on mobile?

  • Hello! One of the things I really appreciate about the iOS app is that it provides instant notifications when I get messages through Front-- often faster than I receive an email notification, for example, via my email app. In the last week or so, these notifications seemed to have disappeared. I've checked that all notification settings (on my phone and in the app) are the same as they always were. Any advice about what I'm missing, or whether there is an issue here that's being addressed on your end? Thank you!

  • Hi guys just signed up for 5 users too. Can’t attach from other iOS apps via the share with function. Eg if I’m in safari and want to share a URL there is no option to share with front app. Please help.

  • Pete Swan Hi there! Please email us at and we're happy to help take a look into it.

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