Average response time (in Team tab)

Term: Average response time

The average response time is how long it takes a specific teammate to reply to inbound messages, on average.


Team tab

Calculation Calculated by taking the sum of all the individual response times and dividing by the total number of replies sent.
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  • Follows business hours and any Shifts that teammate is on
  • Reaction time vs. Response time
  • The analytics track each teammate who replies in a conversation, regardless of the official assignee of the conversation. If a conversation is assigned to Mary, but Sophia responds because she is unavailable, Sophia will get a reaction and a response time.
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  • How does this interact with Business Hours in the Teams tab? Let's say my business hours are 8AM to 5PM. I get an email at 3AM but don't respond until 9AM. Is my response time 1 hour or 6 hours?

  • Matthew DeRoche It's 1 hour.

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