SLA warnings

Term name SLA warnings

Track replies that are approaching SLA breach, but not yet in breach. This acts as a warning signal for you to attend to a conversation to prevent it from officially breaching.


Example use case: If many conversations are raising SLA warnings, but have not yet breached, this can be an indication that your team is getting near its capacity. They are still below SLA limits, but close to no longer being able to handle conversations in a timely manner.

Definition Number of times an SLA rule applied a tag used for SLA warnings.
Location & attribution
  • SLA report 
    • Main metrics cards
    • SLA performance over time graph
  • If the same conversation triggered SLA warnings multiple times, each warning is counted separately.
  • Breach vs. warning tags: If SLA rule A uses Tag XYZ  as its SLA warning tag, but SLA rule B uses the same Tag XYZ as its SLA breach tag, then Tag XYZ will always be counted as a breach tag. For this reason, we do not recommend using the same tag for SLA warnings in certain rules, but for SLA breaches in other rules.
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