Front keyboard shortcuts

Front supports many keyboard shortcuts to help you get work done faster 🙌

We also try to stick to Gmail conventions when possible. To enable or disable shortcuts, navigate to Settings > My preferences > Gmail shortcuts, then turn the toggle on or off.

When shortcuts are turned on, you can view the list of shortcuts on the "Keyboard shortcuts" page of the right-hand integrations panel.


G + A - Go to all unassigned conversations
G + I - Open a drop down and quickly navigate to a specific inbox
G + M - Open a drop down and quickly navigate to a specific team member
G + L - Open a drop down and quickly navigate to a specific tag
G + F - Quick navigate to a filter within the inbox you are in
J / Up Arrow - Move to a previous conversation
K / Down Arrow - Move to the next conversation
Shift + Up/Down Arrow - Select multiple conversations
Command + Click - Cherry pick the conversations you want to select
Command + Shift + I - Expand / Close the plugin side-panel
/ - Navigate to the search bar
Shift + X - Force the conversation list to refresh
Shift + V - Mark yourself as available/unavailable 



R - Reply to the most recent message 
Shift + R - Reply to the most recent message in a new window
A - Reply All to the most recent message
Shift + A - Reply All to the most recent message in a new window
Shift + F - Forward a conversation


Command + Enter - Send & Archive
Command + Shift + Enter - Send the message without archiving it


W - Assign conversation to a team member
Q - Assign conversation to yourself
M - Move the conversation
- Archive the conversation
L - Tag a conversation
# + Delete - Trash the conversation
! - Mark as spam
S - Set a snooze on a conversation
F - Follow a conversation
Shift + I - See information about current conversation
Shift + O - Navigate to a specific conversation using a conversation ID


M - Navigate to the comment bar
@ - Pulls a list of available team members to mention


Command + B - Bold
Command + I - Italicize
Command + U - Underline
Command + K - Hyperlink
Command + Shift + C - Move cursor to Cc
Command + Shift + B - Move cursor to Bcc
Command + Shift + S - Edit subject line
Command + Shift + O - Pull up canned response list
Command + Shift + P - Pop out conversation in new window
Command + Shift + Control + V - Paste without format
Command + Shift + L - Set a reminder when you send

Canned responses

You can save up to 5 favorite canned responses in your My preferences section in Settings. Once you've set your canned response shortcuts, trigger them by typing Command/Ctrl + Shift + 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 in the composer.

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  • In Personal inboxes:

    - shortcut for "OPEN" conversations?

    - shortcut for "ALL" conversations?


    In Team inboxes:

    - shortcut for "UNASSIGNED" conversations: G+A

    - shortcut for "OPEN" conversations?

    - shortcut for "ALL" conversations?



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  • Expand All in Conversation View. Please. In other words, open all the compressed messages to view their full text, including all the compression of Activities. Can I vote for X as this hotkey? 

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  • Please note that these are for OSX only and do not apply to iOS 11+ For iPad unless something is not working on my end. Will iOS shortcuts be updated in the future?

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  • Mark as Unread?

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  • Hi Max!

    While our current offerings are above ^ we would if you could add this and upvote on our Public Roadmap for our Product team to review.

    Here is a link to our public roadmap:

    Please check it out and be sure to upvote cards you find interesting!

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