How to reply, reply all, and forward an email


Learn how to reply, reply all and forward an email and set the default preference for yourself. 

While commenting and assigning can take the place of forwarding emails internally, sometimes it's necessary to forward to external parties. Front allows you to reply and forward within the same thread or a new thread.

Selecting reply, reply all, and forward

You can click Reply to this conversation directly under the message to use your default reply action. To choose other options - reply, reply all, and forward, click the message menu in the top right corner of the message.  Choose Forward in this conversation or Forward in new conversation to determine whether the forwarded message will kick off a new conversation thread, so you can handle replies to the forwarded message separately.

Instructions to set default options

Step 1

Go to your Settings, and select My preferences.

Step 2

Choose Reply or Reply all to be your default Reply button in the dropdown.


If you always want to reply or forward in a new conversation, turn the toggle on for the Reply or forward in new conversation setting. When this is enabled, your default reply and forward actions will always create new conversations instead of threading messages to the original conversation.


If you have this preference enabled, it's important to know that your threading mode will trump this preference. So, if you have an email channel that uses subject-recipient threading, when you reply or reply all, customer replies will still thread back to the original conversation.

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  • Is there a way to reply as the email address that the original message was sent to? So, for example, consider a shared inbox called that has an alias called that automatically routes to If an email comes into because an email was addressed to nwregion@acmecorp can I respond to the email as

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  • Hi Jacob

    Yes! You will need to create a channel in Front for Then you'll be able to reply from it.

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  • Cori Morris But doesn't that count against my shared inbox quota?  Remember, in my example, NWRegion@ is not an actual email account; it's just an alias that funnels to Sales@. So, I wouldn't even be able to provide login credentials for NWRegion because it's just an alias of Sales@.  

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  • Jacob Fenton, yes, it would. The other option would be to change the From address. But that would mean you would never be able to reply from the sales@ address.

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  • Could you please make "Reply all" the default reply action? I see no reason why our customers who send us emails and cc their colleagues should receive replies that are directed only to them instead of also to their colleagues. Whenever when I click on the "Reply to this conversation" bar, I forget that there might be someone who was added to cc and will not receive my message. This is a serious issue that we're having and which already resulted in delays for us.

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  • Michal Wendrowski Hi! You can make "Reply all" your default. Go into Settings, click My preferences and change the default Reply button:

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  • If I reply to a message from Gmail (ant not from Front) is it correct that the reply will not appear in Sent folder inside Front?

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  • Raffaele Viggiani It will.

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  • Cori Morris Ok tks, but I don't see replies made by Gmail inside Front. I see replies only if I answer from Front.

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  • Raffaele Viggiani Can you try searching for one? 

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  • Cori Morris Yes, in search mode I find it, but not in the sent folder.

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  • Raffaele Viggiani You're right. That's a bug. I will let you know when it's fixed.

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