How to add a Gmail inbox to Front


If you use Gmail as your email provider, you can set up a two-way sync channel with Front by directly signing into your Gmail account in Front. From then on, your emails and their statuses will sync back and forth between Front and Gmail, except in these cases.

Gmail channels will have their threading mode set to Gmail threading by default. Using this threading mode will maintain a full two-way Gmail sync all inbound and outbound email, open/archived status, and tagging. 

If you change the threading mode to any other option, inbound and outbound email will continue to sync between Gmail and Front; however, the archived/open status of messages and tags will not be synced.


Step 1

Go into your Settings, select Inboxes, and Add a team inbox or Add an individual inbox.

Step 2

Select Email.

Step 3

Input your email address and name, and click Next.

If the screen is prompting you to set up email forwarding instead of Gmail, hold down the "alt" key (Windows) or "option" key (Mac) while clicking Next at the same time. Please don't do this for Google Groups or aliases, only actual Gmail inboxes. 

Step 4

Front will identify the address as a Google Apps or Gmail inbox. You will have the option to set it up to sync, or forward your emails to Front from a Google Group. For this case, we will explain how to sync Front with Google Apps or Gmail. Select G Suite (Google Apps) or Gmail account.

Step 5

A login window will pop up. Enter your Gmail credentials, and click Sign in.

Step 6

Click Allow to give Front access to your Gmail.

Step 7

If you chose to add a team inbox, give your teammates access to the new team inbox, and click Create inbox.

How Front imports Gmail history


How will Front sync with Gmail?

Check out the full breakdown here.

Why is archiving not syncing?

There are instances where the sync will stop due to actions or settings that you have in Front. Learn what those actions are that will stop archive sync between Gmail and Front.

How do I add a Google Group?

Add a Google Group to Front using these steps.

How many emails get imported into Front?

Once you connect your Gmail account, Front will automatically import 100K of your most recent emails from the inbox.

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  • Hey - Front is not recognising my new gmail account. Does it take some time to be able to detect it as gmail?

  • Adam,

    No, it shouldn't take any time. Can you email us and we'll take a look at your account?


  • It'd be great to use front app individual inbox to manage my personal email. My company uses gmail. But the problem is that when I set up an individual inbox in front app, it throws everything together and doesn't separate primary from updates, promotions, etc. is there a way to mange only my primary or separate these inboxed when I manage in front?

  • Joe Lemay Hi there,

    You could create rules to automatically add tags to the different types of emails. And you can make those tags noticeable in the second pane, so that you can quickly look over promotions. We're also getting ready to work on something called custom views, that will make this workflow even easier. Stay tuned for that announcement.

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