Searching by conversation ID

Front's search feature will not allow you to search by Conversation ID. To search for a conversation with a Conversation ID or permalink, hold down shift+O and paste it in the box that appears.

Note: Currently, searching by conversation ID is only available on the desktop app or web app, not on mobile.

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  • How would I have located this function without coming to the help center? Is there no place in the app itself to find these tools in a menu or something?

  • Nathan Cardenas The Conversation ID is rarely used on the user's end. It more so helps Front Support debug issues. However, some customers do use it, so I will share your feedback about this with our team. Thank you!

    What other tools would you like to see in-app that aren't currently shown during onboarding?

  • Cori Morris Honestly I would really like a Tools or Functions menu where things like this would be centralized. I don't see why anything that the app *can* do shouldn't be obvious or easy to find within the software, even if most users wouldn't need it. 

  • Nathan Cardenas You can trigger a shortcuts menu by typing ?. I will continue to share your feedback with our team.

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  • Cori Morris Thanks, Cori! It seems this all might have just been a training gap on my end.

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  • I would really like if you could search like "id:cnv_xxxxx".

    Use case: Your colleagues send you a link to an older conversation (link includes conversation id) or you have the link shared in your CRM. Only via the conversation id, you'd come to the right thread. But the shortcut is not logical and the search is mostly used to search threads, sounds like a logical place to me!

  • That is a great suggestion  Jonathan Gibson I went ahead and logged this with our product team for review. Thanks!

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  • We'd appreciate the feature as well. We often share conversation ids and links in Slack or other channels and also record the ids for internal reference in our knowledge base. Quickly copying the id and searching for it would be helpful.

  • Bernd Backhaus I've added +1 for you! In the meantime If you hit Shift + O  to pop up a search for the conversation ID in Front.

  • Shit + O --> oops ;) 
    seriously, yes that is what I propagated to the team. Thanks.

  • Bernd Backhaus 🙊shift thanks for understanding!

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