Analytics - the Productivity tab


The Productivity tab reports on company-wide averages for responses. You can see at-a-glance how it long it takes for your company to respond to customers.

Productivity Metrics

These metrics are the averages from all the segments in this date range, with the exception of the metrics Replies sent and Resolved on first reply (which are sums). Some of the metrics here follow business hours, meaning that they are only counted if they occur within your set business hours - see each metric below for details on that.

Response time

The response time is the average amount of time it took for replies to be sent to inbound messages, calculated by taking the sum of all the individual response times and dividing by the number of replies sent.

Follows business hours: Yes

First response time

The first response time is the average amount of time it took for the first reply to go out to an inbound message that started a new segment. It’s calculated by taking all the individual first response times and dividing by the number of first responses sent.

Follows business hours: Yes

Replies to resolve

This is the average number of replies it takes to resolve a segment for the date range, calculated by taking the total number of replies sent amongst all resolved segments and dividing by total number of resolved segments. A segment is considered resolved when either 1) the inactivity time set in the channel settings has passed and a new outbound has been received or 2) the conversation is trashed. 

Follows business hours: No

Replies sent

This is the total number of all replies sent in all the segments for the date range.

Follows business hours: No

Resolution time

In order to be resolved, a conversation must have at least 1 response (a message from a customer followed by a response from your team) and be archived. We will then compute a resolution time for the conversation, which is the sum of the response times. 

These actions do not count for resolution: archiving a message without a prior response (which is a reaction), deleting a message 

Here is an example:

  1. Sam (customer) sends a message to your sales@ inbox to ask about your pricing.
  2. Jerry (account exec) responds after 2h and asks for more details.
  3. Sam replies again the next day after 24h.
  4. Jerry replies again with a final quote 3h later.
  5. Sam replies just to thank Jerry 1h later.
  6. Jerry archives the conversation.

In this case, the conversation will have a resolution time of 5h (we only count your team's response time, not the customer’s). The actual time when Jerry archives the conversation is irrelevant; Front will look for the latest reply and set the resolution there. Note: If Sam replies again afterward, the conversation will count as unresolved. 

Follows business hours: Yes

Resolved on first reply

This is the percentage of segments that were resolved on first reply, calculated by counting all the resolved segments that have only one reply. 

Follows business hours: No

Productivity graph and table

The Productivity line graph breaks down the first response time, average response time, and average resolution time for each day of the week; and the table automatically adjusts to show you the percentage of replies for each time frame.

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