Resolved conversations (Team performance report, Inbox report, SLA report)

Term: Resolved conversations
Meaning Total count of unique resolved conversations.

Team performance report

Inbox report
 SLA report


Computed by counting distinct segments for which the final resolution event happened during the selected time period. 


A segment or conversation is considered resolved if there is at least one response in the conversation and if one of the following is true: inactivity time has passed or it is archived.


In the Team performance report, the resolved conversation is attributed to the teammate responsible for the resolution.


In the Inbox report, the resolved conversation is associated with the inbox it was resolved in, even if it’s moved afterward.


Conversation X goes as follow: 

  1. On 04/11, an inbound is received. There is a resolution (reply + archive) on the same day
  2. On 04/13 a second inbound is received. There is a new resolution (reply + archive) on the same day

Depending on the time period looked at the conversation will count as resolved or not:

  • If your time period includes 04/13: conversation X will count as resolved (final resolution event is on 04/13)
  • If your time period includes 04/11 but not 04/13: conversation X will not count as resolved. There is a resolution event on 04/11 but not the final resolution event of 04/13.

Can the Resolved conversations number change retroactively?

Yes, the metric can change retroactively if a conversation becomes unresolved by a new inbound, a reopen, a snooze expiring, or an un-trash if the inactivity period has not passed. Following the above example, on 04/12 conversation X did count as resolved, but on 04/13 became unresolved with the reopen.

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