Customize your workspace with tag shortcuts


Want quick access to messages with a certain tag — like “Urgent”, “Bugs”, or “Prospects”?

Customize your workspace for quick access to messages with the tags you care about most. Once enabled, you'll be able to open messages with that tag in one click. This is a good alternative to individual folders as you might use them Gmail or Outlook.


Step 1

In your workspace, click More.

Step 2 

Choose whether you want to select from private or team tags.

Step 3

Find the private tags or team tags you want to display in your workspace. Click the pushpins to toggle them on or off.

Step 4

Now, you'll see the tags you just selected in your workspace. Click on a tag to see the messages that tag has been applied to. 

Step 5

To change the private or team tags you see in your workspace, click More and follow the steps above at any time.

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  • Perhaps a collapse arrow would be good for tags for individual workspaces... 

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  • Tim Jasper Not sure I understand. Can you clarify?

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  • Cori Morris ie the tags down the bottom (under teammates) are collapsable. That would be handy at the top.

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  • Tim Jasper Oh, we will actually be getting rid of this at some point. So, you'd want the More > section collapsable? Understood. I'll share this with the team. 

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  • I don't understand the purpose of this?  You can already do this in the #tags area at the bottom.

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  • Lisa B I gather this is to replace the folders that used to exist in individual inboxes. I understand they are going to remove tags from the bottom...

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  • Tim Jasper That is correct.

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  • Ah, ok, but I don't like that they're moving them.  I prefer them separate from my individual area.  We work as a TEAM so they make sense where they currently are.

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  • Lisa B Maybe an additional explanation will help a bit. These are called workspace tags, and they work a little bit like individual folders to keep your inbox in order. You can now pin public and private tags that apply to your workflow and quickly navigate to conversations that have those tags. It’s similar to the behavior of using a folder, but the messages still reside in their own respective inboxes. Here's more information about customizing your workspace with tag shortcuts. I hope you will find it helpful.

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  • Why can we no longer tag multiple messages at once? This makes tagging a slow process......

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  • Courtenay Rickey Hi Courtenay, this is actually a bug we're working on right now, and we'll let you know once it's fixed! Thank you for your patience!

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  • Great to hear - thanks for quick response.

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