Archived conversations

Term name Archived conversations

Track conversations that were handled during the time period of the report and required no more actions at the end of said time period.


Example use case: See who was able to close out the most number of inquiries yesterday.

Definition Count of conversation segments that were archived or snoozed during the time period of the report and are still archived at the end of the time period of the report.
Location & attribution
  • Overview report
    • Main metrics cards
  • Conversations report
    • What happened chart - Used to compute Closed workload.
    • Conversations flow chart - Used to compute Closed.
    • Inboxes table - A conversation is counted for an inbox if the archive event happened that inbox. 
  • Team performance report
    • Main metrics cards
    • Teammates table - A conversation is counted for a teammate if they performed the archive action.
  • Tags report
    • Tag Details table - A conversation is counted for a tag if it is currently labeled with the tag.
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  • Hi! If an inquiry was received on March 11, but replied to and archived  on March 16, would this count on the Mar7-12 Tag table report or the Mar 13-20 tag report?

  • Isabel Luna  Hi there! In this situation, if the conversation currently has the tag in question, the conversation would count toward Archived conversations in the tag table for the March 13-20 period, since that's the time period that it was archived during.

    (If you were looking at the March 7-12 reporting period, this would be included in New conversations, since that's the time period during which the first message arrived.)

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