Understanding default analytics reports


Our analytics platform provides a tremendous amount of data for insight into individual and team performance. With so much information, it can sometimes be hard to translate the data into action which is why we have created this guide. Keep reading to learn how to utilize each unique reporting view to your team’s full advantage.

Reporting Views

Conversations Tab

Overview of total activity. The tags table provides insight into specific categories of activity as defined by team.

How the conversations tab helps you:

  • Hiring / staffing - When should more team members be hired?
  • Organizing shift schedules - What days / times do we need to have more staff online?

  • Understanding what inboxes / channels receive the most activity - Can the channels with the most inbound activity be further triaged via rules or inboxes? Can channels with the least inbound activity be removed?

  • Are there certain events that increase activity and by how much? - Events could include new feature releases, public holidays or the addition of a new channel.

  • Tag creation and upkeep - Should more tags be created to further track and segment activity?

Team Tab

Insight into each individual’s performance.

How the team tab helps you:

  • Team rewards - Celebrate team member’s success and incentivize increased performance via metrics.
  • Management performance tracking - Quantify individual team member’s performance improvements or decline.

  • Creating individual benchmarking - Standardize each position’s performance metrics and identify goals for improvement.

Productivity Tab

Company wide performance averages.

How the productivity tab helps you:

  • Evaluate use of other productivity features - Is there a need to add more canned responses, rules or tags to increase response / reaction times?
  • Creating team benchmarking - Standardize the team’s performance metrics and identify goals for improvement.

  • Understanding how specific initiatives affect team improvements - Does adding new team members, changing shift scheduling or introducing Front productivity features change the team’s metrics and how?

Customers Tab

Understand your most active customers.

How the customers tab helps you:

  • Report these statistics back to the customer - Present data back to your customer in a quarterly business review to exemplify your team’s performance.

  • Ensure you are meeting service-level agreements (SLAs) - Ensure the team is replying to all customers in the required time (which can either be a team goal or contracted).

  • Do you need to implement a pay-way for support? - If specific customers are utilizing too much of your team’s bandwidth, is it beneficial to introduce a cost for access to the team?

  • Ensure you are servicing VIP customers first - use the customers table to identify which customers your team is spending the most (or least) time servicing

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  • any plans to revamp/speed up the analytics section? pulling anything longer than a month seems to be painfully slow for me. if i want to pull up total stats for the year, it can take upwards of 5 minutes to load, and switching between reports sometimes takes just as long. makes it a bit of a chore to build custom reports and pull numbers from them.

  • Is there any way to search for just ONE team member and see their analytics?

  • Amanda Sims Hi there! Yes, you can create a custom report as explained here.

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