How to merge conversations


There may come a time where you have two separate conversations about the same thing. In those cases, merging the conversations can help your productivity.

You can merge emails and tweets.

If the number of messages across all conversations you're merging exceeds 100, or if the number of activities across the conversations exceeds 100, then you will receive an error that says "These conversations are too big to be merged."


Step 1

Select the multiple conversations you wish to merge, and click the three-dots conversation menu. Select Merge conversations. If you only select one conversation, the option will not appear.


Step 2

An alert will pop up confirming that you want to merge these conversations. If you're ready, select Merge. Keep in mind, this cannot be undone.

Step 3

The messages will them appear as one conversation. If the conversations you are merging have different subjects, the subject applied will be the subject of the conversation with the most number of messages, activities, and assignees.

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  • It says above that you can merge SMS but I tried -- both merging two SMSs and merging an SMS with an email -- and had error messages both times telling me that I couldn't. 

  • Hi Rachel. Apologies, but SMS messages cannot be merged. I have updated the article. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • I have two messages sent to us through the new Form inbox. When I try to merge them, it says "You cannot merge email conversations"

  • Hi Jonathan,

    Currently you cannot merge from the Forms inbox, but it is on our roadmap.

  • Cori Morris Got it. Would love to see that. In fact, would love to see merging for all message types together. It is a very common use case for us to receive a message via email, then the same request via another channel ... those pesky, impatient users! 🙂

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  • So you can't merge FB messages and email conversations?  That needs to be a feature to add as we get messages via one, then usually another.. be good to have them merged so we can see the customer has reached out in both channels...

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  • Cori Morris Is there a way to separate emails in the same conversation into different conversations?

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  • Joyce Lee Not right now, but this is on our roadmap for later this year.

  • Cori Morris any update on this? We need this feature to continue using Front.

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  • Paul Pritchard Unfortunately not. Other higher priority items were scheduled instead. Hopefully next year!

  • Cori Morris This is also a pain that we don't have this functionality for our team - any indication as to when this will be implemented yet?

  • Patrick Grant we are actively working on this feature now and while we can't share an exact ETA, we hope it will ready in the few weeks.

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