How to snooze messages for later or follow-up


Ever wish you could hide a message in your inbox until later, or make a sent message reappear for follow-up? With snooze, you can set a time for them to reopen in your inbox exactly when you want them to. Here is what happens when you snooze:

  • It will be archived and will return to your inbox at the exact time and date you want. 
  • Snoozing from a shared inbox will snooze the message for your teammates, and snoozing from your individual workspace will snooze the conversation for yourself. 
  • If a recipient replies before your set snooze time, the conversation will reopen the conversation and automatically cancel the snooze. You can re-set the same snooze with one click.

The snooze is available in two ways:

  1. Snoozing the conversation using the clock icon at the top of the conversation.
  2. Using the Send & Snooze button in your composer when you send a message.

Continue reading to understand each option.

Snooze the conversation for later

You can snooze a conversation if you want to handle it later. This is helpful if you want to return to this task but remove it from your inbox for the time being so that you can use your inbox as a true to-do list. To snooze the conversation, click the clock icon at the top of the conversation and choose from the list of times, or set a custom Day & Time.

Send & Snooze for follow-up

Send & Snooze helps you remember to follow up on important messages, especially if you're waiting to hear back from a customer. It's one of your sending options in the composer when you send your message, so the conversation reopens at your chosen time if you don't receive a reply. You might remember this in a previous version of Front as the Reminder feature, which was shown as a clock in the composer toolbar. 

You can access Send & Snooze in two ways:

1) Set it to be your default send button. Once set, all your messages will show the Send & Snooze button and ask you to choose a snooze time every time you use it to send a message.

2) Click the dropdown arrow on your Send button to manually choose Send & Snooze. Each time you use it, you will choose the snooze time you want.

Managing your snoozes

Custom snooze times

You can curate the list of options that show in your snooze and reminder menus by going to your Settings, and clicking My Preferences. Find the Snooze Timing options and select your times here.


You can also remove the default options from showing by clicking the dropdown menu next to the default option, and choosing None.

How to find snoozed messages

To see your snoozed messages, simply click the Snoozed search option in the dropdown, or type in has:reminder into the search bar.


Cancel a snooze

To manually cancel a snooze you’ve set, simply click the active (orange) snooze clock icon and click Unsnooze.

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