How to create or edit a team signature


Admins can create team signatures for all teammates on their team to use for email channels. However, individual signatures take precedence over team signatures for any channel. If you prefer to have the team signature for a specific channel, then configure your individual signature to not apply to that channel.

If you only have a team signature, and it's available in all channels, Front will default to your team signature in individual and team channels. Note: Signatures are only for email channels and not chat, SMS, Twitter, etc.


Step 1

Go into your Settings and select Signatures.

Step 2

Click Add a signature to create a new signature, or select a signature from your list that you'd like to edit.

Step 3

The first field is where you set the Name of your signature. The name will not appear anywhere on the recipient's end. The next field is the Sender Info. This is where you set what will appear in the header of emails you send. Finally, the large text box is for the signature itself. If you want to include an image, you can click Add image at the bottom.The Sender Info and signature text box allows the use of variables. You can use variables so that each individual will use/see their own name. Below is the list of variables supported in signatures.

  • {{}}
  • {{}}
  • {{user.first_name}}
  • {{user.last_name}}
  • {{}}
  • {{}}
  • {{}}
  • {{recipient.first_name}}
  • {{recipient.last_name}}
  • {{}}

Step 4 

Click Save.

Step 5

If the signature is only applicable to some channels, you can restrict its availability to those channels. Click back into the signature you just created or edited. Then select Channels, and use the checkboxes to choose which channel(s) you want this signature to appear in.Step 6

Click Save.

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  • I am an adm person, but I don't have the option you show in step 1.  I only have My signatures and the individual sigs under teams.  I must be missing something. Help me Obi Wan Kenobi...  LOL. 

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  • Mary Anne Polson Have you refreshed your app in the past 48 hours?

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  • Cori Morris Yes, I have, a number of times.  

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  • Mary Anne Polson Are you using a Mac or PC? Feel free to email us as well. It which might be easier to dig in to your specific case that way.

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  • Cori Morris HI Cori...I am using a PC.  Can I communicate with you directly?

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  • PC.

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  • would like to see phone added as a field/variable

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  • Andrew Bridges Yes, we agree. That enhancement is on our roadmap.

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  • Is there a way to restrict personal signatures from being used in certain team inboxes? Like is there any way at all the make the team signature the default for specific inboxes/channels? 

    Also is adding in title variables  an option? 

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  • Hi Allie Huang ! Yes, you can set a default team signature, as well as restrict your private signatures, both are shown in this article:

    We don't have title (or custom fields) available as a variable, but I've added this feature request!

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  • Ah thanks. But it looks like the restriction of personal sigs is from the end-user level, not admin so  it would be nice to just be able to make the team signature the default signature in all team inboxes, without fully revoking their ability to use personal ones. 

    The settings as shown above seem to only allow the availability of use in channels, but not necessarily to make any signature the default that overrides personal signatures. 

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  • Allie Huang That's correct, the teammates themselves would need to restrict their private channels to specific ones. An yes, technically, the settings is to edit the availability of channels, though if you sent it to be available to only one channel, it will become the default, by default :) That said, any private signatures open to the channel will still take priority.

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