Formatting your comments

Front's comment feature allows you to have internal dialogue with your team about a conversation. Check out these styling tips to better highlight parts of your comments. 

For quoted text, input a greater-than sign (>) before the quoted text:
> Here's a quote!

For bold text, wrap it with two asterisks (**):
**This is bold text**

For italic text, wrap it with asterisks (*):
*And italics*

For strikethrough text, wrap it with two tildes (~~):
~~Now strikethrough~~

For code, wrap it with back-ticks (`):
`Input code here`

For links, wrap it with square brackets ([]):

[my link title](

For emojis, click on the smiley face in the comment box, or type a colon (:) followed by your emoji term (:hearts:). As soon as you input the last colon or click the emoji from the results list, your emoji will appear!

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