Archive sync between Gmail and Front

If you connect your Gmail account in Front and utilize both tools alongside one another, you might experience a situation where you archive a conversation within Front, but the same conversation in Gmail isn't archived. 

Puzzled? 🤔 You're not the only one.

Front has specific behaviors that are unique to our platform and may not translate over into Gmail. Here are two of the unique behaviors that will sever the sync between your conversation in Front and that same conversation in Gmail:

  1. Moving a conversation to an inbox where the initial message was not received from. (i.e. a message was sent to and a user moves that message to the sales inbox - that will sever the connection).
  2. Replying to a conversation from a different Gmail account, other than where the message originated from. (i.e. a message was sent to but you reply with your own email address,


You should not have the same account open in Gmail and in Front. Navigating through Gmail may trigger actions you do not intend to within Front, such as unarchiving conversations. To have the optimal experience, only utilize Front to handle the email channels you've connected.

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