How to turn on/off sound notifications


Sound notifications for Front can be turned on/off in your computer settings. Instructions differ for Mac and PC.



Step 1

Open System Preferences and select Notifications.Step 2

Choose Front and check/uncheck Play sound for notifications.


Part 1. Enable/disable notifications and sound for Front

Step 1

Open the Windows Start Menu.

Step 2

Select the Settings cogwheel.


Step 3

Select System.


Step 4

Select Notifications & Actions


Step 5

Navigate to the Get notifications from these senders and click on Front.


Step 6

Set Notifications to On (if you would like sound enabled for Front; specifically, you will also want to turn on Play a sound when a notification arrives).


Part 2. Change/disable Windows sounds

Step 1

Open the Control Panel.

Step 2

Select Sound.


Step 3

In the Sound window, click the Sounds tab.


Step 4

Navigate to the Program Events section, select Notification. Then, in the dropdown list in the Sounds section, select (None) if you want to disable the sound, or alternatively select a different sound from the list if you want to change the sound. You may also use the Browse button to navigate to your own sound.


Step 5

Click Apply.


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  • Hi Cori Morris - s it possible to change the notification sound? I'm using the Mac app and the iPhone app.



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  • Liam Unfortunately not!

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  •  Cori Morris , I would love to be able to make the tone more unique. Right now, it's the same as LinkedIn and Facebook Messenger on my phone/watch, and the desktop sound is way too quiet. . .

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  • Hi Cori Morris which option should we select in Windows Sound tab in order to activate FrontChat sound notifications?

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