Inactive Conversation

Term: Inactive Conversation
Meaning The length of time during which a conversation should have no new activity in it before going into an inactive state. Once inactive, the conversation will stop accruing time in analytics and will become unassigned if a new message comes in (at which point it starts a new segment).
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You can specify per channel how long it takes for a segment to go inactive, by clicking into Settings, click Inboxes, click the inbox, and adjust the Conversations become inactive after option. Depending on your use case and channel type, you may want to have some channels with shorter inactivity periods. 


If the inactivity period is set to the default 5 days, if a conversation is archived with no activity for 5 days, then all relevant metrics (response time, reaction time, # of messages per conversation) will be computed. When new activity occurs on the inactive conversation after 5 days, all subsequent data will be related to a new conversation.

FAQ By default, conversations become inactive after 5 days if they have no new activity. 
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