1st Response Time (Default report, Inbox report)

Term: 1st Response Time
Meaning 1st response time is how long it takes to reply to the first inbound message of a conversation, on average.

Default report - Productivity tab

Inbox report


Calculated by taking the sum of all the individual response times where First reply = 1 and dividing by the number of first replies sent (also using First reply = 1).


A client sends an inbound email to the support team at 8:00 AM. The support team replies at 8:02 AM. The first response time is 2 minutes. The metric averages all first response times.


Another visual example:


How to reconstruct this metric with a Full event export

For a given inbox, filter rows to keep all lines with 

Inbox at event time = inbox name AND

AND Response time is not empty

AND First response = 1


Then deduplicate lines so that you keep one single line per Message API ID. This is necessary to avoid double-counting response time for certain messages.


The Average Response time for that inbox will be the sum of Response time divided by the distinct count of Message API ID

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  • To confirm - this is the first response in a CONVERSATION, not the first response to a SEGMENT. Correct?

  • Hi there, if a conversation is archived does it count as closed / inactive? 

    For example, what if the inactivity period is set for 5 days, but scenario is as follows: 

    Day 1 : Message received
    Day 2: Message responded to and archived
    Day 3: No activity
    Day 4: Client replies

    Does the first reply to Day 4 count in the 1st response metric?  

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