How to start an internal discussion


⭐Coming soon: this feature is not yet available in Front ⭐ 

Internal discussions enable you to have quick chats with your teammates, right in Front. Instead of commenting on an external email, tweet, text, or other customer message, you can set a topic and start a new, standalone conversation with your teammates. That way, you can handle internal work in your inbox so everything is saved and tracked in one place.


Step 1

Click the compose icon dropdown and choose New discussion.

Step 2

In the popup composer window, choose the teammates you want to include in the discussion in the To: field.

Step 3

Enter a topic in the subject header to help organize your discussions in your inbox. At the bottom of the window, type your message in the comment bar. You can use the same formatting options as comments.

Step 4

Click the blue arrow, or hit Enter to post your internal discussion message and start the discussion. 

Step 5 

When your invited teammates reply, their messages will post to this discussion. Close the discussion popup or click the arrow in the upper right corner to view it in your inbox instead of a separate window.

Managing your internal discussions

Internal discussions operate like comment-only conversations. They are similar to other conversations in Front, which means:

  • You can assign, snooze, mute, tag, and archive discussions to stay organized.

  • You can find all your internal discussions in the Discussions section of your inbox.

  • You can use the same formatting options that you have for comments.

  • While there are no special rule conditions or actions for Discussions, rules can act on them. For example, if you have a rule set up to notify a group of teammates when you comment @sales, you can use that @mention to add them to the internal discussion.

Privacy and access

Like all features in Front, internal discussions are designed to help get work done. That means you have flexibility to invite additional teammates to join along the way! Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You can start an internal discussion with any teammates in your Front account. If your organization uses Teams, then you can invite anyone on Teams you have access to.
  • Any member of the discussion can @mention another teammate to loop them in at any point in the conversation — including @all to share it with your entire team, just like a comment.

  • Even if you start the conversation, you can be removed from the discussion using the participants menu. But you can be added again later with an @mention!

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